Friday, July 29, 2016

foreign financing of mosques: the right Valls accused of “hypocrisy” – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY / VIDEOS – As the Prime Minister wants to temporarily ban foreign funding of mosques, Christian Estrosi and Éric Ciotti reproach him the recent approval of a mosque financed by Saudi Arabia, Nice.

interview with Manuel Valls Friday to World in which he says want to temporarily prevent the financing of mosques in foreign countries, is far from meeting the right. “Hypocrisy of (Manual) Valls who is against foreign funding of mosques but refused my amendment to this effect there 10 days!” Replied the deputy Republicans Éric Ciotti on Twitter. The elected of the Alpes-Maritimes is also surprised that the government allowed early July opening of a mosque in Nice, financed by Saudi Arabia. “If he is consistent he must be close!” Insists Eric Ciotti. Request supported by Christian Estrosi, President of the LR region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. “I can only deplore that there are only less than a month, the government authorized the opening of the mosque En-Nour to usurp the power of the mayor,” he told AFP .

“I have never ceased to alert the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister on the origin of the financing fund of the mosque without government response,” assured Christian Estrosi. Adding, “Rather, the Alpes-Maritimes Prefect hastened to make the order public opening when I had decided not to sign it.” The Council of State considered that the refusal of the city of Nice to open the mosque was “a serious and manifestly illegal to freedom of worship.” The prefect had therefore given the green light to the opening while recommending to the mosque manager cut ties with the Saudi owner via a donation.

“no Mr. Valls, it’s not right and Nicolas Sarkozy who” lose their nerves’. “

in addition to the case of this mosque, Republicans were quick to replicate to defend Nicolas Sarkozy, accused by the head of government of “losing his nerve.” “The Prime Minister goes first in line to take the only action that the Socialists seem to decide to fulfill: to undermine the opposition leader,” protested Valérie Rosso-Debord, the spokesman of the party. “No Mr. Valls, it’s not right and Nicolas Sarkozy who” lose their nerves “, rather it is the president and his government who unable to act, rejected by the French, no longer express their pain with anathema against the right and Nicolas Sarkozy. Is this the only way to recreate a pretense provisional unit left? “Asks in a statement the former minister Roger Karoutchi.

And the Secretary-General Sébastien Huyghe added: “The methods used by Manuel Valls and his ministers are old as Stalin disqualification, populism trial, grandiloquence, call the main principles even if they are not nothing challenged, then insults, shame and indignation. But the French are not stupid, they perfectly perceive that behind the words so well chosen as they are, point a guilty impotence. “


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