Friday, July 22, 2016

Holland announces artillery means for the Iraqi army – Le Figaro

VIDEO – After the fourth Defence Council from Nice attack, the president announced new measures in the fight against the Islamic State. He also renewed his support to Bernard Cazeneuve, after the controversy surrounding the safety of July 14 on the Promenade des Anglais. The point of his statements.

● Paris will put the French artillery available to the Iraqi army

France will support Iraq in its fight against the Islamic State by putting artillery means available to the Iraqi army as early as next month, announced Francois Hollande on Friday at the output of the fourth Defence Council from the attack of Nice, who made 84 dead in the evening of 14 July. “Some artillery batteries will be available” Iraqi army “with obviously counselors, people” to handle them, “are we clear in the president’s entourage. The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will be deployed to the region in September, which will intensify the attacks, also recalled the head of state.

François Hollande however, said that it was in any case a change in nature of French intervention. “We will not deploy ground troops” to fight in Syria or Iraq, he said. Iraqi troops supported by the international coalition hope the next release of Mosul, a city in northern Iraq in the hands of the Islamic State, which has claimed the attack of July 14 in Nice.

● Bernard Cazeneuve “has my full confidence”

the head of State reiterated its support to the Minister of Interior, accused of shortcomings in securing Nice whose resignation was demanded by some politicians. Bernard Cazeneuve has “every confidence” said Francois Hollande, promising again any “truth” and “transparency” about the assassination of circumstances and the security measures taken.

The Interior Minister was not present when the Defence Council, but traveling to Nice for a tribute, without the presence of the media, a policeman responsible killed in the attack while he was on leave.

● “Islam has its place in the Republic”

Francois Hollande also held to appease the spirits in a tense national context. “The terrorists want us to give up freedom, the rule of law. It is on this ground as they put us to the test, to ensure that there can be confrontation, a stigmatization of a religion, Islam, which its place in the Republic, “the president said. “In contrast, Islamism, fundamentalism, is our enemy,” he said. “The places of worship which is fomenting intolerance,” “have closed on us, we will do so again,” Has he said.

● 12 people “still fighting for their lives “after the attack in Nice

a week after the attack of 14 July, the president announced that 12 injured” still fighting for their lives. ” 84 people died in the terrorist attack by Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel and over 350 were injured. French, tourists, children ten and thirty Muslims were mowed down by the truck killer.

In Nice, “it is the world that has been the target of terrorists,” said François Hollande, adding that the killer “was inspired by the propaganda of the Islamic State (EI) to commit this horrible crime. ” The jihadist group claimed responsibility and threatened to intensify attacks against France in a new video.


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