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Arming or not the municipal police? Several cities have changed course since the bombing in Nice – The Huffington Post

CARD – On more than 21,000 municipal police in France, half are equipped with firearms, according to Les Echos . While the mayors, who decide whether or not to arm their municipal police, were broadly divided on this issue, the attack of July 14 in Nice has put the issue of their weapons on the discussion table.

the MoDem mayor of Pau, François Bayrou, for example, announced Friday, July 29 its intention to arm the police of the city, while it was previously reluctant. “In this event, national and municipal police had exactly the same mission and had the same goal of stopping the deadly truck,” said he said.

As François Bayrou, the mayors of Belfort or Thonon-les-Bains decided, after July 14, to arm their national police (in red on our interactive map below). Other cities like Nancy or Ales, discuss the possibility of arming their municipal police since the bombing in Nice (green on our map).

Still others have reinforced their municipal police in the months and weeks leading up to the tragedy of the Promenade des Anglais (the main are shown in blue on our map). Some mayors even as the mayor of Nantes Johanna Rolland, are still opposed in principle to the arming of the municipal police.

As a reminder, the city of Paris has a unique status in France since the Commissioner of police is in charge of monitoring agents instead of the mayor. This particular situation has not prevented the agents of the Prevention and Protection (DPP), which act as agents for monitoring, municipal police, as they seek permission to carry weapons after November 13, 2015.

“the Association of mayors of France (AMF) is neither favorable nor opposed arming the municipal police, says the Le Figaro Philippe Laurent General Secretary of the MFA and mayor of Sceaux. But it would be opposed to the compulsory generalization Whereas it must respect freedom of Commons “.

This is the prefect, on request of the mayor, which decides whether to give permission to arm the city police who made the request. This is in contrast to the common fund armaments. Only municipal police officers have passed a qualification will be granted by the County the right to carry a gun.

Unlike their counterparts in the national police, who have been authorized to carry their weapons outside the same service after the state of emergency, municipal police officers will not, however, the right to return home with their weapons. But several cities like Nice and Cannes, demanding equal treatment

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