Monday, July 25, 2016

The Sandra Bertin lawyer filed a report to the prosecutor – Le Figaro

The lawyer Sandra Bertin municipal police in the heart of the controversy over the safety device deployed July 14 in Nice, today announced it has filed a report to the prosecutor of Nice.

“We considered the facts, evidence in support, were visibly formed on the plane of criminal offenses that may be prosecuted, “said the press me Adrien Verrier, on leaving the Nice court. “Therefore, we completed the report with all supporting documents, all the names, all the details, so as to shed light on the facts,” he continued, noting that this report had been made on the basis of Article 40 of the code of criminal procedure, which requires all staff members to report “without delay” any criminal offenses which he would acquire knowledge.

in the report, “we have unspecified “offenses or crimes that might be held, told AFP me Verrier:” we delivered the facts, the prosecution retain the offenses were allowed the prosecutor has all the names and all related facts. and emerging from the statements of Sandra Bertin and all the people who were around her and who attends this conversation and this pressure, which lasted about an hour on July 15, “he added.

Sandra Bertin, who heads the center of CCTV in the city, including lagging “police Commissioner” sent allegedly by the Ministry of the Interior and another person called to join the cabinet, joined by phone, especially for having asked “show some places on the positions of the national police” and write a report “changeable”.

a very lively controversy opposed since the attack, which made 84 died on the Promenade des Anglais, local –the first deputy LR elected Mayor of Nice and President of the Christian Estrosi Paca region tête– government around the safety device deployed the night of the attack. Denouncing “a villainies campaign,” Bernard Cazeneuve announced it would file a complaint for defamation. “It is justice” who must establish the truth and “anyone else,” said his side Monday the head of state: “Truth and transparency will be established,” he promised.

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