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In an article in the JDD, Manuel Valls warned Islam of France – Liberation

“If Islam does not help the Republic to fight against those who undermine public freedoms, it will be increasingly hard for the Republic to guarantee the free exercise of religion.” in an article published by the Sunday Journal , Manuel Valls is engaged in an unprecedented warning to the top of the state, reprennant a rhetorical form which he has already used in social, on the fashion: if the CGT does not help the Republic to fight the rioters, it will be increasingly hard for the Republic to guarantee the free exercise of the event. In this case, the Prime Minister was also gone after his approach advocating the prohibition of the Parisian demonstrations against the Labour Law. – Finally allowed after several hours of fierce controversy

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in his column, Manuel Valls says flatly that “contrary to repeated attacks by populist right and the extreme right,” that have placed Islam in “heart of their rhetoric scapegoat” , the second religion of France has “found its place in the Republic” . But he also feels there is “emergency” “build a genuine pact” with the Muslims of France, which he called “a duty lucidity facing the rise of Islamism and jihadism global with its apocalyptic vision “. Which takes “hostage many Muslims in France.”

“All should be on the table”

As in his interview the World on Friday, the Prime Minister repeated that must be promptly “review certain rules for external financing drying up [from first Maghreb, Morocco in head far ahead of Saudi Arabia, note] increase in compensation and opportunities for fundraising in France. “ Manuel Valls judge that ” everything should be on the table, with Muslims France and their representative bodies “ ” It will take a massive and powerful commitment. First, Muslims. . And I call them to act in their family, their neighborhood “

The weekly also published a call – ” We, French and Muslims , are ready to assume our responsibilities “- signed by forty members of civil society including the philosopher Abdennour Bidar and essayist Hakim El Karoui, who say ” concerned the inability of the current organization of Islam in France, which has no control over events “.

No compromise with Islam

in JDD , Manuel Valls added: “This temptation néoconcordataire would be an insult to secularism, [but] remain a spectator of events until the problems find their solution would be irresponsible.” the tenant of Matignon also deviates significantly any reference to a concordat with Islam, following an “echo” chained duck, very taken back and that forced last week the Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, has denied farm. Prime Minister advocates, including the issue of financing of mosques, “give a central place” to the foundation works of the Islam of France created for this purpose in 2005 by Dominique de Villepin: “The failure is total. It should not discourage us. We must rebuild a French financing capacity. “ The reactivation of this foundation was already on the agenda after the attacks in January 2015.

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