Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray: the story of two nuns – Le Figaro

Sister Hélène Decaux and sister Huguette Peron tell Life the exchange they had on Tuesday in the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray with both perpetrators of the attack.

father Jacques Hamel, 85, has just been murdered. A faithful also seriously injured lying on the ground. However, after the murder of the priest, a surreal dialogue pledged Tuesday in the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray between the commando and two nuns retained inside the building. The two assailants had so far demonstrated aggressiveness and nervousness. Then they suddenly change their behavior. “I’ve got a smile the second. Not a smile of triumph, but a sweet smile, the one someone happy, “says Sister Huguette Peron in the Catholic weekly Life . Sister Hélène Decaux, 83, accompanied by the wife of the injured faithful application to sit. One of the two killers accepts. “I asked my cane, he gave it to me,” says sister Helen.

Then the conversation takes a religious turn. One of the men asks Sister Helen if she knows the Koran. “Yes, I respect him as I respect the Bible, I have already read several suras. And what struck me in particular, are the suras of peace, “answered the nun. “Peace is what we want (…) As long as there are bombs on Syria, we will continue the attacks. And there will be daily. When you stop, we will stop “, replies his interlocutor. “Are you afraid to die?”, Then asks it. In the negative response of the religious, he continues: “Why?”. “I believe in God and I know I’ll be happy,” replica sister Helen, who confides that he inwardly prayed to the Virgin and thought of Christian Chergé, the prior of the monastery of Tibhirine assassinated with six other monks in 1996.

sister Huguette, the conversation turns to Jesus. “Jesus can not be God and man. It is you who are wrong, “asserts another assailant. “Maybe, but too bad,” replied sister Huguette. “Thinking that I was dying, I offered my life to God,” she adds. “Obviously, they were waiting for the police,” considers sister Helen. Soon after, the two men attempt an exit by taking the three women as human shields. “But they are not put completely behind us. To believe they were going to meet death. ”

Present at the Mass when terrorists burst, a third nun, Sister Danielle Delafosse, had managed to leave the church and to raise the alarm.

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