Thursday, July 28, 2016

Abdeslam: permanent CCTV approved by the State Council – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Is the permanent video surveillance Salah Abdeslam disproportionate? The State Council said Thursday no and rejected the request of one member of the jihadist commando November 13 still alive, who demanded his suspension on behalf of his “private life”.

“Neither law authorizing such surveillance, or its application to the applicant (are) excessive interference with individual’s privacy, “said the highest administrative court.

Two days after a new jihadist attack France, the murder of a priest near Rouen, in chambers judges include “statement that this measure was justified by the context of terrorist attacks in France and the presumption that the applicant has the support of an international terrorist organization “.

the detainee most watched France seized the State Council for the suspension of its implementation under video surveillance by invoking a” serious and manifestly illegal in his private life. “

Case dismissed his application at first instance by the administrative court of Versailles, he had called using an emergency procedure and three judges were mobilized Thursday to consider his request.

Salah Abdeslam , 26, is held in solitary confinement in Fleury-Merogis (Essonne), the largest prison in Europe, in a specially equipped cell under continuous surveillance cameras.

Upon arrival in France after his arrest in Belgium, he was detained on April 27 under the scheme without any real legal basis until the Justice Minister, Jean-Jacques Urvoas, June 9 takes an order extending the use of CCTV in prison profiles as Abdeslam, and applies it to the latter from 17 June for a period of three months renewable.

later, the national Assembly voted on 20 July a legal basis for surveillance by taking most of the arrested elements, which for lawyers proved that the order was legally insufficient

-. “contradictory procedure” –

“this is now the law that legally allows the measurement of which the person is the subject,” replied the judges.

“We reached a breaking point. We can not live 100% under the supervision of + Big Brother ‘, “argued the lawyer of Abdeslam to the State Council, Claire Waquet, who suspects the ministry will renew the device” every three months during four years until his trial. “

” I am a witness, and has visited ten times, that Salah Abdeslam not support this video, “explained his other lawyer, Frank Berton. “I want him to talk and talk but I think for now, he made a vow of silence,” he notes linking his attitude “this video he does not want.”

on the infringement of the right to respect for private life, the judges ruled that “the exceptional nature of terrorist acts for which the applicant has continued and continuing attacks in France meant that all precautions are taken to prevent suicide and escape. “

claimed by the organization Islamic State (EI), the attacks of 13 November, the worst in the history of France, had 130 deaths and hundreds injured.

the judges noted that the new law governing the device provides an adversarial procedure, a regular review of the measure together with a medical examination and a device protecting the privacy of the person ( opaque panels at the toilet and shower conceal his lower body).

Finally, the judges ruled that the “attacks” that would have been carried in the press, privacy Abdeslam through observations by CCTV does not call into question “the legality of the system itself”.

a visit to Fleury-Merogis June 29 MP Thierry Republicans had Solère angered the lawyer Frank Berton. The elected had access to the Abdeslam video room and described what he saw in the Journal Sunday, brushing teeth to prayer of the inmate.


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