Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Council of State rejected the request for suspension of the CCTV Salah Abdeslam – Le Figaro

The State Council announced today that it rejected the application for suspension of the CCTV Salah Abdeslam, the only member still alive jihadist commando November 13, saying she was not wearing an “excessive interference” in his life private.

“neither the law authorizing this video nor its application to the applicant (Abdeslam, Ed) will (carry) a disproportionate interference with the applicant’s privacy,” said a the highest administrative court statement. The judges hearing the application included “noted that this measure was justified by the context of terrorist attacks in France and the presumption that the applicant has the support of an international terrorist organization.”

held most watched France lodged with the highest administrative court for the suspension of its implementation under video surveillance by invoking a serious and manifestly illegal in his private life. Dismissed his application at first instance by the Administrative Court of Versailles, he called using an emergency procedure and three judges were mobilized Thursday to consider his request.

Abdeslam Salah, 26, was detained at isolation in Fleury-Merogis (Essonne), the largest prison in Europe, in a specially equipped cell under constant surveillance cameras, two in his cell, others in the gym and walks. “We reached a breaking point. We can not live 100% under the supervision of Big Brother,” explained the lawyer Abdeslam of the State Council, Claire Waquet, who suspected the Department will renew the device “every three months for four years, until his trial.”

“I am a witness and has visited ten times that Salah Abdeslam not support this video,” explained his other lawyer, Franck Berton. “I want him to talk and talk but I think for now, he made a vow of silence,” he notes linking his attitude “this video he does not want.”


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