Adel Kermiche and Abdel Malik Petitjean (image from the video where two men pledge allegiance to Daesh). – Rex / Shutterstock

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  • The investigation continues after the murder of a priest in a church Tuesday in Saint-Etienne-du -Rouvray

  • Three relatives of Abdel Malik Petitjean, the second terrorist identified are always placed in custody

  • QAMA agency, the propaganda organ of the Islamic State group has released a new video in which the second killer of Jacques Hamel priest appears making threats against the France

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Release of Adel Kermiche: “When we judge, we make decisions. Thus

1:55 p.m.: Prayers and brotherhood between Christians and Muslims in Saint-Etienne-du -Rouvray

As part of the day of fasting decided by the Church of France, once the doors open at 11 am, dozens of faithful entered the modern church of St. Theresa du Madrillet, another church in the city, located two kilometers from the center of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. Among the crowd of people coming Muslim fraternize with them before going to the mosque, located just behind the building for traditional Friday prayers.

A poignant moment occurred when a Muslim from Valenciennes (North) and teacher of religion in a Belgian public school, fell into the arms of the Catholic responsible for the choir of the city, Gabriel Moba. “As a Muslim, I do not tolerate this kind of thing,” said the teacher, Yazid Amara, about the attack effoyable. Seeing the scene of fraternization, a young Muslim of 25, in tears, congratulated them. “I thank you for that, they will not destroy us,” she said, referring both jihadists.

1:35 p.m.: the survey shadow areas

the investigation into the attack in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray continues this Friday. Three days after the attack that killed the priest Jacques Hamel, investigators are hard at work but some questions remain on the course terrorists and possible accomplices they received.

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1:10 p.m.: Families radicalized “destitute”

the families affected by the radicalization of a relative, are turning increasingly to associations to take. And they are increasingly likely to undergo these radicalization and sudden departures. According to latest figures, no fewer than 680 French nationals or residents in France are present in the Syrian-Iraqi area.

“Totally poor” families who seek help from these associations are in “great pain” often eaten by a “great guilt,” told AFP Boukhobza Amélie, a clinical psychologist and intervener in the organization among others, present throughout France. The purpose of these associations is not so much to help children radicalized, “which in any case do not ask,” parents, “who can not make a living bereavement of their children,” she said.

12:59: Several white marches will be held in France

a Perigueux, this Friday at 14:30, a procession will visit the mosque to one of the cathedrals in the city. A silent march “to pay tribute to a man of faith and peace,” said the Association of Muslims of France Bleu Perigord Perigueux, France Info said.

The Muslim community of La Rochelle organizes a march in the afternoon. Near Lille, the town of Waziers also put up in a white running between the mosque and the church of the city.

In Toulouse a walking fraternity takes place in Toulouse between one of the mosques of the city towards the neighboring church this Friday at 15h, reported France Bleu Toulouse.

12:52: Abdel Malik Petitjean threatened France in a video

Abdel Malik Petitjean, the second killer of Jacques Hamel priest appears making threats against the France in a video broadcast by QAMA agency propaganda organ of the Islamic State group, said Thursday the US central monitoring of jihadist websites sITE.

It makes threats in french, interspersed with sentences in Arabic, at against France and speaks directly to President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

12:35: Estrosi Valls calls on the case of a mosque financed by Saudi Arabia to Nice

“Following the declaration in Le Monde Manuel Valls (…), I can only regret that there are only less than a month, the government authorized the opening of the mosque En-Nour, financed by Saudi Arabia to usurp the power Mayor, “said Christian Estrosi.

” I have never ceased to alert the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister on the origin of this mosque financing funds without government response. “” On the contrary, the Alpes-Maritimes Prefect hastened to make the order public opening when I had decided not to sign it. “

By Nour mosque Nice open early July despite the opposition of the municipality Republicans

12.00:. “l us free Islam from the clutches of EI, “says the writer Tahar Ben Jelloun

” Muslims are embedded in the hurricane of barbarism. (…) It is not enough to rebel verbally to still indignant once and say “that, it is not Islam,” no, this is not enough and more and more people do not believe us when we say that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, “said Moroccan writer in an article published on the website World.

11h45: fasting Day and prayer for the Catholics of France

the Catholics of France are called to observe this Friday a day of fasting and tribute in prayer to father Jacques Hamel.

11:34: End of custody for the sister of Abdel Malik Petitjean and his friend

the sister of Abdel Malik Petitjean and friend of the latter, arrested Wednesday, were released Thursday night. “They delivered interesting insights into his path, but no evidence shows their involvement in the facts,” according to a source close to the investigation.

11:32: the photocopy of the passport of the applicant for asylum in Syrian custody found at the home of Adel Kermiche

this is a photocopy of the passport of the Syrian asylum seeker held Thursday morning in custody who was found by investigators at the home of Adel Kermiche confirms the floor.

11:17: Dalil Boubaker calls” not to tolerate fundamentalism “

in a interview with quotidienLa Mountain, Dalil Boukakeur, the rector of the great mosque of Paris, calls “not to tolerate fundamentalism” and wants a reform of Islam in France. “We have three challenges, he said. Understanding secularism, (…) bury the archaisms, and that means the status of women (…) and eradicate fundamentalism. Otherwise, it may bring the defeat of Islam in France “

11:14. The passport of the applicant Syrian asylum maybe found in Kermiche

“the photocopy of a Syrian passport was found at the home of Adel Kermiche and investigators seek to whether it could be that man, “said a source close to the investigation about the asylum seeker Syrian arrested Thursday. The young man of 22 was detained in a reception center for asylum seekers Allier.

11:00: It is not in Montlucon Abdel Malik Petitjean would radicalized, ensures close

“I never thought that he can do that! I have cut the legs. He was friendly, polite, talented and intelligent. It worked very well in school. He wanted to be commercial “, told the daily The Mountain a neighbor Abdel Malik Petitjean when he lived in Montlucon in Allier. When the Petitjean family moved to Aix-les-Bains (Savoie), the young man had preferred to remain living at home to continue his schooling. “He slept on the sofa, said the neighbor. It was part of the family! I gave him a key to the house. ” For him, that after his departure from Montlucon that Petitjean radicalized. “If he was radicalized, I would have seen, I would have told him. Malik problem was that he was easily embringuer, “he said.

10:55: Eric Ciotti denounces an “indecent exercise of self-satisfaction” and “hypocrisy” of Manuel Valls

Eric Ciotti (LR) on Friday denounced a “indecent exercise of self-satisfaction,” Manuel Valls on terrorism, its “hypocrisy” and “half-measures”, referring to the proposal of the Prime Minister to temporarily ban foreign funding of mosques.

10:52: Jean-Francois Cope calls for “changing software and put a number on safety”

“we have to change our model (…) changing software and put in a safety issue,” said the mayor of Meaux. “My idea is that you change the model because we have changed era. Today, 33% of GDP is for social and 3% for safety. All is said ! We must strengthen security! Does social serves some as conducted today? Does insecurity has not increased? “He said. “It’s not to say we do nothing more for the social … I think today, we must put the package on the sovereign”

10:49: “We will not return to the lettres de cachet,” irritated Jean-Christophe Cambadélis

the first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadélis Friday criticized “the excitement of the political class” and “bottom” after the attacks, prompting the opposition to “stop raving” by advancing proposals that would result in his to “return to the lettres de cachet.” “The French debate is lousy, he said on LCI. I think the primary of the false right throughout the national debate. That is to say, to gain some market share on the electoral level, the one and the other are in the bidding. “

10:47: Three people in custody, two others released

Three people are in custody Friday morning, one Syrian asylum seeker and two others were released, did you learned from judicial sources and close the investigation.

A French 30 years in the family circle Abdel Petitjean Malik, one of the authors of the hostage-taking, and a minor of 16 years whose brother, close to the other killer Adel Kermiche, left in the Iraqi-Syrian area in March 2015, were always heard by investigators. A Syrian was also arrested Thursday in a reception center for asylum seekers Allier, a source close to the investigation confirmed that the The information Mountain .

10:33: A Syrian asylum seeker placed in custody

According to a source close to the investigation, an applicant for asylum Syrian aged 22, arrested in Allier, has been placed in police custody.

Three people are now in custody in connection with the investigation

10h30:. Two people always in custody, two people released

two people still in custody on Thursday and two others were released, do we learned from a judicial source.

10:24: “There is nothing on the merits” in the proposals of Valls, Florian tackle Philippot

Florian Philippot (FN) returned back to back the executive and the opposition Friday, saying there was “nothing on the bottom” in new proposals of Manuel Valls and putting also questioned the “credibility” of Nicolas Sarkozy.

10:07 : Mayor of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray call to brotherhood

Hubert Wulfranc appealed to the brotherhood in the pages of Paris-Normandie on Thursday. “The rule of law, that our citizen people is given, is the tool of our Republic. This rule of law is a state of the duties that each of us must ensure respect “, he told the regional daily.

10:06: Valls accused Sarkozy of “losing his nerve”

Manuel Valls replied sharply Friday in an interview with world , the attacks of Nicolas Sarkozy against the government after the attacks of Nice and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, accusing the president of Republicans to “lose his nerve.” Former Head of State considered that the left was “paralyzed” by “violence and barbarity” and accused the executive to hide behind “legal niceties” to reject the proposals of the opposition the fight against terrorism.

“Some seek to discredit the left feeding fears to form a political capital. But neither the primary of the right nor the presidential elections justifies such attitudes. Nicolas Sarkozy loses his nerves. Being lucid address the threat, it is not falling into populism, “ping the Prime Minister. “We have to break a triptych: the fear, the bidding and populism, we must oppose the truth, composure and respect for the rule of law,” he insists

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10:05: “Favorable” to a temporary ban on foreign funding of mosques, Valls wants to “invent a new relationship” with the Islam of France

Prime Minister Manuel Valls says Friday in an interview with Le Monde, “favorable” to ban foreign funding of mosques, wishing further ” invent a new relationship “with the Islam of France.

” I am in favor that for a period to be determined, it can no longer be any foreign financing for the construction of mosques “said the Prime Minister, who also wants” the imams are trained in France and not elsewhere. “

10:04: Valls acknowledged a “failure” in the judicial follow-up of one of the killers and believes that “judges to have a different approach”

decision of the antiterrorist justice to release Adel Kermiche, one of the authors of the jihadist attack in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, by assigning electronic bracelet residence is a “failure, we must recognize it,” said Friday Manuel Valls in an interview with World .

“This should lead judges to have a different approach, case by case, given the very extensive concealment practices jihadists “said the prime minister, while stating that it will not” one who, disregarding any balance of power would fall into the ease of making these judges responsible for this terrorist act. “