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In Paris, walking in memory of Adama Traore blocked by the prefecture – Liberation

They will not have gone far. Saturday afternoon, about a thousand people gathered Gare du Nord in Paris for a march in memory of Adama Traoré, a young man of 24 died during his arrest by the police in Beaumont-sur-Oise (Val d’Oise). The procession was to go to Bastille, he will have finally made a few meters: around 16:30, just minutes after being launched, the crowd found itself “nassée” on all sides by forty CRS rue de Saint-Quentin. Women, men, young, old and children, came to “seek truth and justice” on the matter, remained blocked for nearly three hours, not allowed out.

a “ right violated” to the relatives of the young man according to his family, the event of declaration had been filed. One of the sisters Adama Traoré has said that “the filing has been made in the prefecture” and “three agents of the institution came to [their] meeting, right after the press conference that [they] made to 14h. [...] They even advised us to take such a path. “ When contacted by Libération Prefecture ensures his side as ” It was an event that was not trademark “ adding that ” as it was quiet, the prefect authorized a static collection, but they could not pass because no provision was made to ensure their safety. “ yet , according to documents reviewed by Libération the deposit has been made on July 29 at 0:47: Prefecture acknowledged, July 29, at 15h33, with a “statement event consisting of a walk from the Gare du Nord in Bastille on July 30, 2016, from 14h to 18h. “ Still in the framework of the holding of a protest, the statement must be filed in the prefecture three days ahead – so that notice was not respected. Impossible to know, for now, if that’s why the police headquarters has banned the march. – And if it has notified the ban to its organizers

“We are like traps animals is unbreathable “

protesters side, anger and incomprehension were in any case to put street of Saint-Quentin. Chanting “Let us go, let us go,” some tried to force CRS dam, without success. But the speech was generally appeasement: several family members of Adama Traoré and relatives have “urged not to fall into the font set, and stay calm” No. easy in this heat, some shouting at the police, another, ensuring that a “is 400 km to come to Paris,” calling the “calm.” the more tired, they have had to sit on the pavement. Amal Bentounsi, the collective “our Emergency Police murders,” was very upset: “We are traps like animals, it’s unbearable.” The posters of the demonstrators, too, meant resentment, especially to the prosecutor of Pontoise, Yves Jannier. In case, the fact that the prosecution has not communicated from the first autopsy report on the actual cause of death of Adama Traoré, who died of asphyxiation. Several different versions were given by the prosecutor since the death of the young man, first evoking a “infectious phenomenon,” and a heart condition. An opaque and contradictory discourse that is not happening at the Traore family, who nevertheless remains optimistic megaphone in hand, one of his sisters assured “today was a victory, and they would drop nothing “

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Shortly before 19 hours of the first people were able to get out of the trap. In front of the Gare du Nord, a friend of Adama Traoré summed up the general feeling: “You have to stop taking people for fools, when will such tragedies will stop? Justice must finally do its job. “ Both surveys, conducted in parallel by the Research Section and the General Inspectorate of the Gendarmerie, are still ongoing.

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