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Adama death: the banned protest march – Le Parisien

L e North station forecourt was filled on Saturday around 16h, as the family supports Adama Traoré arrived. The young man from Beaumont-sur-Oise (Val-d’Oise) died July 19 when he was stopped by police. On Friday, the court refused a third forensic report requested by the relatives of the victim, who remain convinced that this is a murder. 600 (police) and one thousand (organizers) of people gathered to demand “the truth” about the circumstances of this tragedy, but their march was prevented by riot police.

“My brother was killed. We want justice to be done for this to not happen again, “proclaimed a sister of Adama Traoré at the meeting. According to our reporter on site, riot police blocked the parade, expected to head the Republic Square. All together, some wearing t-shirts of “Justice for Adama without justice you will not have peace,” therefore had to return to the North Station.

 - the sister of Adama Traoré, Assa, tries to explain the police . AFP / Dominique Faget

“it’s a shame,” said Lassana Traore, the brother of Adama. “This is not what to do to appease the spirits of young people who do not know how to express their pain and frustration,” said he said. The organizers have brandished their event report filed yesterday in the prefecture, but this type of application must be made three days before the event, where the reaction of the security forces. The Paris police headquarters “opposed a procession of departure” for “reasons of protection of institutions”, “to preserve public order” and to ensure “the protesters’ own security” has it justified in a statement.

 - hundreds of people made the trip. LP / Edith Lasry

the support of the family Adama Traore have therefore chosen to sit down, without understanding why they were blocked. “If we can not walk today, we better organize the next week,” the organizers said. The big sister of the victim has repeatedly called for calm, without understanding the decision of the prefecture.

Two hours later, the protesters began to leave, but only in small groups and not towards the Republic square, according to the instructions of the CRS. By early evening, the North Station nearby cafes put away their terraces for fear of flooding.

The death of the young man of 24, a “police blunder” by his family, had led to several nights of violence in the Val d’Oise. Two autopsies were performed on the body of Adama Traoré. Doctors have ruled out that the young man had suffered violence. The expected responses by the family may be made by all analyzes (bacteriology, toxicology, pathology), whose results are expected in the month of August. “It was first referred to a heart attack, infection finally speaking,” argued the lawyer of the family, adding that “what is certain is that Adama died of asphyxiation . “She claims to” know with certainty the causes of asphyxia. “

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