Monday, July 25, 2016

Nice attack: Holland and Valls on the frontline – The Point

Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls are mounted to Monday frontline for Bernard Cazeneuve, accused of misrepresenting the truth about the safety device of the bombing in Nice evening, where the municipal police that involves the Interior filed a report to the prosecutor. “It is justice” who must establish the truth and “anyone else,” the head of state said during a visit to the Fort de Vincennes with soldiers of the antiterrorist operation Sentinel.

Sandra Bertin, Niçoise municipal police, relaunched Sunday controversy by claiming to have been coming from the pressures of place Beauvau to change his report on the security device in the evening of 14 July. “Truth and transparency will be established,” promised François Hollande.

Reporting to the prosecutor

Meanwhile, the lawyer for the municipal police Me Adrien Verrier filed a report to the prosecutor of Nice. His client notably lagging “Police Commissioner” sent allegedly by the Ministry of the Interior and another person called to join the cabinet, reached by telephone, asking him to “show some places on the positions of the national Police “and write a report” changeable “.

According to a police source, who confirmed to the Agence France-Presse to information revealed by Europe 1, the municipal police, a young female employee by the City of Nice and openly showed his support to Christian Estrosi on Twitter and Facebook accounts deleted in the night from Sunday to Monday, would actually talked to a commissioner of the Central directorate of public security, “for a rise of ‘usual information “and not a member of Bernard Cazeneuve firm.

” intimidation attempts “

” If revelations that the person who was on the phone was actually a police commissioner with a staff that did not belong to the firm, it would mean that this person has also lied about his quality and also used a qualification that was not his own, which would be even more serious, “said Mr. Verrier. “They never told you that this person belonged to the office of the ministry, but it was presented as belonging to the office of ministry,” stressed Sandra Bertin of the Board, who also denounced in a statement the “attempts intimidation “to his client,” very shocked. “

Accused Sunday by Sandra Bertin, head of CCTV driving in Nice, Bernard Cazeneuve announced the filing of a complaint for” defamation “. Bernard Cazeneuve is “an honest man, a statesman, a minister of the Interior tremendous”, defended Monday Manuel Valls, denounced a “political controversy that aims to destabilize the government.” Manuel Valls again attacked the former mayor of Nice and current president of the PACA region LR, Christian Estrosi, who on the evening of the tragedy had denounced the lack of resources of national police.

“lie upon lie”

“We must be worthy of the conditions of an election,” he told the Prime Minister at Christian Estrosi, regional elected in December to face Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (FN) with voice left. Christian Estrosi, Deputy Prime Nice security, defended accusations of “manipulation” of the municipal police carried by the executive and the elected PS: “The controversy is the government that generates the making obstruction burst of truth and telling a lie upon lie. “

the executive promised for this week’s report of the General Inspectorate of the national Police (IGPN), the” police fonts “on the device in place on the night of the attack that left 84 dead. The three-page report of Sandra Bertin says the jihadist the truck is mounted on the pavement of the Promenade des Anglais, before the pedestrian perimeter, without “any police presence.” A report of the National Police provides conversely that he wanted to avoid a “barrage” national police “isolating the pedestrian perimeter.”

In addition, three of Nice were honored Monday by the medal City of Nice for their heroic acts to stop the truck from terrorist Promenade des Anglais on 14 July. Finally, the monitoring committees of victims of attacks will be created throughout France to facilitate supported, announced Monday Juliette Méadel, Secretary of State Aid to victims.


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