Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nice attack: Taubira breaks his silence – Liberation

Taubira persists and signs: no question of giving in to “political squabbles” in the wake of the attacks. The former minister of justice and moral figure of the left, who resigned from the government in January 2016 disagreement background on the reform of the deprivation of nationality in the wake of the attacks of Paris, was released Saturday after his reserve the massacre of July 14 in Nice.

Christiane Taubira posted Saturday on his Facebook account a long article in which she invites everyone to “focus policy analysis” denounces “those who trade in fear, anxiety, the pain of others and (…) favor partisan interests or their eagerness to seize state power” .

If the former Minister of Justice is legitimate to ask questions, she insists that these questions should not in any case “serve as a screen or to electoral calculation, nor awareness of competition “. And remember that “besides these three attacks massively killers, the dramas of Villejuif, Magnanville, St. Quentin Fallavier, carnage avoided Thalys demonstrate the disparity of ways of killing , so that the threat is real, multifaceted, sustainable “. Taubira and urges the need to preserve the rule of law and stop “ramble on about the effects of the prison when none of the killers of 13 November, nor that of July 14, n ‘ had prison record; rehashing the same old complaints based on partisan motivations alone, (…) to hide behind comfortable incongruities “.

It also takes advantage of his speaking to send a declaration of love prose in the city of Nice: “# Nice, border city, having traveled so much in the cultures, arts, under the arrangements, nationalities. Having heard so many languages. Without moving. His imperturbable geography. Nice sky and blue sea. His familiar landscapes forever. Nice and its history, covetous, his exertions; Marcel’s network created by Moussa Abadi, born in Syria, and Odette Rosenstock, who saved the lives of more than five hundred Jewish children. Nice and its Resistance, Nice and manifestations of July 14, 41 and 42. Nice and insurrection of August 28, “44 .



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