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After the attack in Nice, the controversy over the safety politicized more – Le Monde

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In the control room of the Nice video,  February 9, 2015.

Ten days after the attack from the promenade des Anglais, in Nice, the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, polarizes increasing criticism. After the voices on the right and the deputy mayor, Christian Estrosi, it now comes from the heart of the security system set up on July 14

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in an interview with the Sunday newspaper dated July 24, a municipal police in charge of CCTV in Nice accuses the Ministry of inside have exercised against him “pressure” . His lawyer said Monday it filed a report to the prosecutor of Nice.

Sandra Bertin, head of urban supervision center (CSU) Nice, explained that “following the attacks” , the Cazeneuve firm asked him to disguise reality:

“the office of the Minister of the interior sent a commissioner to CSU put me in line with the place Beauvau. I then had to deal with a person who asked me pressed a report indicating the points of presence of the municipal police, barriers, and to make clear that we also saw the national police on two points in the device security. (…) But the national police perhaps was there, but it is not me appeared on videos. (…) I have been harassed for one hour I was ordered to type in specific positions of the national police that I have not seen on the screen. “

Asked the same evening on France 2, the municipal police reiterated his accusations: ” Gradually, as time passes, the calls are becoming more frequent . (…) It requires [this police commander on site] make me change certain elements, certain paragraphs, wondering particular show on some places positions national Police. “

A” villainy campaign “

The government spent the day Sunday to organize its response. Very quickly, the Minister of the Interior announced its intention to bring defamation. Invited on the set of “20 hours” of France 2 Bernard Cazeneuve denounced a “villainy campaign of slander” and denial:

“I know the truth. I know that no one in my office has been in contact with M me Bertin (…) I did not ask any report, I am not aware in this case (…) the interior minister (…) never lied and never sought to disguise any document. “

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Earlier in the day, the Director General of the national Police (NPD), Jean-Marc Falcone, had, at a press conference, also denied the existence of any “approach designed to edit documents or data” . And clarified the facts, citing a procedural “classic and traditional information feedback ‘.

The central director of public safety (CDPD), Pascal Lalle, under the authority of the NPD, details the World “My staff asked the CSU for a chronology. We are in a purely administrative approach that emanates from the Staff of CDPD via the Departmental Directorate of Public Security of the Alpes-Maritimes, which has delegated to the CSU a Nice police commissioner. “ Jean-Marc Bailleul, the Union of officers of the internal security, corroborates: ” Since the attack, the importance of the drama, that sends up a commissioner and a commander, this n is not shocking. “

According to our information, this is not a cabinet minister but a police commissioner, a member of the staff of CDPD, who spoke on the phone Sandra Bertin. A plausible scenario, according to Jean-Marc Bailleul. However, “people of DDSP in direct contact with a member of the minister’s office, it’s impossible, there is always a way,” he said.

the lawyer for the municipal police, M th Adrien Verrier, persists: “what is certain is that this person is presented as working at office the Minister. “ M th Verrier said Monday it has filed an alert for Nice prosecutor ‘forgery of public documents” and transmitted at the same time the identity of the official.

“We considered that the facts, evidence in support, were visibly formed on the plane of criminal offenses that may be prosecuted” , told the press me Adrien Verrier, on leaving the Nice court. “Once we finalized the report with all supporting documents, all the names, all the details, so as to shed light on the facts” , he continued, stressing that report had been made on the basis of Article 40 of the code of criminal procedure, which requires all staff members to report “without delay” all crimes which he would acquire knowledge.

In the report, “we do not say” crimes or crimes that might be retained, explained Mr. Verrier: “we delivered the facts, it let prosecutors withhold offenses . ” “The prosecutor has all the names and all related facts and statements that emerge Sandra Bertin and all the people who were around her and who attends this conversation and this pressure, which lasted about an hour on July 15 “, has he added.

on Sunday, Christian Estrosi, at the head of a charge of government campaign since July 14, took the defense of the head of the CSU and inflated his vengeance against Mr. Cazeneuve.

political connections

the attacks of the President of the PACA region against the interior ministry have become daily. Is sometimes embarrassing bit of truth crying foul, Thursday, July 21, Mr. Estrosi managed to get a legal requisition for an attempt to conceal evidence. The Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate asked the CSU delete CCTV footage of July 14, to prevent leakage, investigators with records

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observers noticed with the same circumspection, in addition to its Head functions of CSU, Sandra Bertin proves to be a close to the municipality. The police Facebook profile was no longer searchable on Monday, but he testified Sunday of his political connections, through its membership in the “Group of Friends of Christian Estrosi” or the current mayor of the page, Philippe Pradal (Republicans).

Sandra Bertin, after a press conference in  Nice on Sunday July 24th.

Sandra Bertin has also signed a petition initiated by Mr. Estrosi against the ” State laxity “ face radicalization. Or a letter of municipal police unions who regretted that “city police have not cited” by the Ministry of the Interior and of Defence during a press conference July 16. Unions that nevertheless did not want to endorse the approach of M me Bertin on 25 July, while refusing to denigrate a “perfect employee” .

the report that M me Bertin forwarded to the authorities, and which Le Monde has noted, is, in the opinion of all, quite serious in facts it describes. Note DDSP of the Alpes-Maritimes is however much more confused. Communicated by the Sunday DGPN to the press, it was established on July 15 is the day after the attack and aims to recreate the “chronology crossing the perimeter of the truck” the killer who made 84 dead that night. The barrage of traffic is poorly located there, the presence of national police is mentioned also proves wrong. “On July 15, we did not have all the elements” says a source at the Interior Ministry. Misinformed, a civil servant he could be too zealous?


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