Sunday, July 24, 2016

Complaint Cazeneuve: Police respond to the Minister – The Point

This Sunday in the JDD , Sandra Bertin, head of urban supervision center (CSU) Nice, accused the Interior Ministry to have pressured her after the attack on the promenade des Anglais. His statements have created a great controversy among politicians and police. In response to the complaint of Bernard Cazeneuve, filed earlier in the day for defamation, the police maintained his version of events in an interview with 20 hours of France 2, paragraph taking by point his accusations. Repeated remarks at a press conference shortly before 21 hours, where her lawyer said she would make a report to the prosecutor for forgery of public documents. Sandra Bertin also confirmed that “many witnesses” were indeed present in the scene and had “sustained”.

Bernard Cazeneuve, present during the broadcast of the interview on France 2, also maintained his version of events and said he was serene on the outcome of his complaint for defamation. He also denounced what he considers to be ‘low political maneuvers “:” For ten days we have almost daily face attacks, insinuations, lies from people in Nice which, for some, have political responsibilities, “he said.

An hour earlier, at a press point where Sandra Bertin was supposed to give his version of events but was ultimately not present, police unions have called for calm: “All the world missions assured [...] We do not want one thing, that is to protect the French from such events, “said Cynthia Foucaud FO delegate of the municipal police of Nice. No backpedaling on the part of unions then, but given the magnitude of the controversy, an appeal for calm and justice.

A complaint

This Sunday in the columns of the JDD , Sandra Bertin, head of urban supervision center (CSU) Nice and General Secretary of the autonomous Trade Union of the local government service (SAFPT) revealed the pressures of the sub antiterrorist management and the Interior Ministry to change his report on the evening of 14 July. According to her, the Place Beauvau contacted her to make her “a report indicating the points of presence of the municipal police, barriers, and to make clear that we also saw the national police on two points in the device security “. “I told him that I will not write what I had seen. But the national police perhaps was there, but it is not me appeared on video, she explains. This person then asked me to email a modified version of the report, not to retype everything. I was harassed for an hour, I was ordered to enter specific positions of the national police that I have not seen on the screen. So much so that I had to physically remove from CSU’s envoy ministry! I finally emailed a non-editable PDF and editable another, “she said.

Charges taken very seriously by the Ministry of Interior. Bernard Cazeneuve responded Sunday by filing a complaint for defamation, alleging “outrageous accusations.” By late afternoon, the National Police also responded to the controversy at a press conference denouncing false charges.

STORIES. Nice Estrosi has not attended any preparatory meeting to July 14


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