Sunday, July 24, 2016

Slight improvement to the popularity of Hollande – francetv info

A little air for Francois Hollande. Stuck in a record unpopularity, the head of state has won 3 points of popularity in July, with 17% satisfied French, according to an Ifop poll published by the JDD Sunday, July 24. The survey was conducted from July 22 to 23, a week after the bombing of Nice.

The number of dissatisfied with the action of the president weakened by 3 points (82% ), and among them the number of “very unhappy” has fallen by 6 points (44%) compared at least June. The popularity of Hollande suffers however from 25-34 years, from 14 to 7% satisfied.

The President recorded an increase of popularity among supporters of all parties to except the left Front (stable with 11% satisfied). François Hollande wins also 6 points of popularity among FN sympathizers (9%). LR supporters are now more numerous than FN to declare themselves dissatisfied (96%), closely followed by those of IDUs (94%). FN sympathizers arrive more than in third, with 91% dissatisfied, against 97% in June. In PS supporters, however, the president earns 6 points, with 57% satisfied.

Meanwhile, Manuel Valls is stable with 21% satisfied French. PS sympathizers are 53% to trust it (+ 2 points).

If the attack of Nice has not sealed the popularity of the Head of State, “no people respondents did not refer positively to this time reactions of power after the tragedy of Nice “ explains Frederic Dabi, deputy general director of the polling institute in the JDD. ” Then the Labour law continues to be her very strongly evoked, hyper-negative “, he adds. In another development, the case of personal barber president was often cited, specify the JDD .

Survey conducted among a sample of 962 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, 22 and 23 July 2016.

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