Sunday, July 31, 2016

Manuel Valls called to build a pact with Islam in France – Le Figaro

In an article in the Journal du Dimanche , the Prime Minister suggested that imams and chaplains in France are only trained in France and promises that the managed houses of worship by preachers preaching violence will be closed.

Hard hit by terrorism jihadist recent months, France “must do the world a striking demonstration that Islam is compatible with democracy, “said Manuel Valls in an article published in the Sunday newspaper . For this, the Prime Minister calls “urgently” “rebuild Islam in France and build a genuine pact”.

In his text, the Prime Minister outlines some concrete paths but stresses to the “populist right and extreme right who put Islam at the heart of their rhetoric scapegoat” the second religion of France “has found its place in the Republic.” However, after the recent bombings Nice and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray call for “a lucid duty in the rise of Islamism and the global jihadist with his apocalyptic vision,” taking “hostage many Muslims France “.

” All the Salafi jihadists are not … but almost all are jihadist Salafists. This infernal mechanical pushes individuals to take up arms and turn them against their country, “he insists. And to again warned: “places of worship that are home to those who profess hatred and are advocating violence will be closed and when the preachers are foreigners, they will be expelled”

C. is why we must also “completely rethink the training of imams and chaplains. France must become a European center of excellence in the teaching of Islamic theology. ” “Islam has its humanities. It shone through the centuries, “says Manuel Valls. “The state has not to deal with theology, but it can help create strong training institutions. Imams and chaplains in France will only be trained in France “wants the prime minister who repeats” the financing issue is central. “

On Friday, the Prime Minister had already pleaded Le Monde for a “temporary ban” foreign financing of mosques, said that “there is more than ten years, the Foundation for Islam in France, was created to bring together seamlessly funds “. “His failure is total. It should not discourage us. We must rebuild a French financing capacity, “he insists.

And to conclude: “If some would like the Islam of France building in thirty years what the Christians and Jews have built several centuries, but it is not enough for some good will, it will a powerful commitment and call Muslims to act in their families and in their neighborhood but also all citizens in the same brotherly spirit. ”

For warns the Prime Minister, “if Islam does not help the Republic to fight against those who undermine public freedoms, it will be increasingly hard for the Republic to ensure that free of worship. ” The Sunday Journal is indeed follow its platform a call to “act” against “radical Islamism”, entitled “We and French Muslims are ready to assume our responsibilities.” The text is signed by forty personalities – including the philosopher Abdennour Bidar, essayist Hakim El Karoui and Senator PS bariza khiari – who say they are “concerned with the inability of the current organization of Islam in France, who has no control over events. “


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