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Attacks of November 13: that we know the two suspects handed over to France – Le Figaro

FOCUS – Adel Mohammad Usman Haddadi and were handed over to French authorities by Austria on Friday. Arrested on December 10, the Algerian of 29 years and 35 Pakistanis suspected of wanting to participate in the Paris attacks.

they have sought to win the France in autumn 2015 to participate in the attacks of 13 November which made 130 deaths and over 350 wounded in Paris and Saint-Denis. Adel Haddadi, and Mohammad Usman were presented Friday to the French authorities by the Austrian justice. “The two men left Austrian territory,” said Salzburg parquet in a statement. They were delivered to the French court in execution of a European arrest warrant issued by France a few months ago.

● Who are Adel Haddadi, and Mohammad Usman?

Adel Haddadi is an Algerian, probably 29 years old, who would have joined the Islamic State in February 2015. if this first as a single asylum seeker to the Austrian authorities, saying want to join Germany because “the people are friendly,” according to statements published last April by Le Monde and Washington Post , it is not. “They told me I had to go to France to complete a mission, and that I would receive instructions there,” he finally admitted.

His accomplice, Mohammad Usman, a Pakistani who had 35, is described as a pyrotechnician for two Pakistani jihadi groups deemed close to al Qaeda. They were both arrested last year in a shelter for refugees by the Austrian police on suspicion of being linked to the attacks of 13 November. The French justice those suspected of trying to join the terrorist commandos Paris and Saint-Denis

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● What are their ties with the Islamic State?

According to Le Monde and Washington post , investigators have found an airline ticket indicating that Adel Haddadi joined Istanbul from Algiers on 15 February. For Turkey, it would then joined Syria, specifically the city of Raqqa, self-proclaimed capital of the jihadist organization. This is where this man was, with Mohammad Usman and two Iraqi bombers from the Stade de France, recruited by a certain Abu Ahmad to perpetrate an attack in Paris. The four men were given the task to slip from the flow of Syrian refugees.

Therefore, Haddadi and Adel Mohammad Usman part, from the genesis of the project, the only non-European commando intended to hit the French capital, alongside French and Belgian kamikaze. Syria, the four men then joined Turkey, the first step of their journey to France.

● How did they come to Greece?

Adel Haddadi, Mohammad Usman and two Iraqis leave from Raqqa in the morning, according to statements by the Algerian to the Austrian police. A pick-up takes them to the Turkish border where they are supported by two smugglers. “We then traveled with the two smugglers about 1 km on foot, through a hill. Through a wet land, there were reeds and several fruit trees. You could see small houses. The roads were not paved, they were dirt roads, “says Adel including Haddadi.

On the other side of the border, the four men perform the same taxation as genuine refugees when they encounter a checkpoint. They then earn Izmir by car and spend the night at the hotel. “Muhammad (one of the kamikazes of the Stade de France, Ed) gave me $ 150. With this, I bought four life jackets and four waterproof bags for documents, “says Adel Haddadi. The next day, October 1, they contact another smuggler responsible for conveying the to Greece

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● Why were they arrested, unlike suicide bombers from the Stade de France?

Around 4 am, the four men boarded a boat fortune with fifty migrants. “We sailed about 1 hour and a half, until the Greek Navy, which arrived with a large ship, discovers us, we do get in and brings us into Greece” still tells Adel Haddadi.

upon arrival on the island of Leros Greece October 3, 2015, future kamikazes Stade de France had crossed the controls without problems, but the local police discovered that the Haddadi passports and Usman were false and were detained. With this arrest, the two men could not join France in time to participate in a mass killing. Upon release, October 28, they were able to resume their road to Austria, via Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. Sarlzbourg reached, they are housed in a reception center for asylum seekers until their arrest on 10 December.

If their participation in the cell of 13 November is confirmed, they might appear before the French courts alongside Salah and Mohamed Abdeslam Abrini, the only direct perpetrators still alive attacks have been investigated to date.


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