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Nice safety device: return on a long controversy in six acts – Le Figaro

Critics of the right about the lack of measures taken to fight against terrorism to the charges of a municipal police pressures made by the Interior return on an enamelled controversial week.

Flaws in the supposed safety device, controversy surrounding the removal of images of vidéosurveillances in Nice, the charges against Bernard Cazeneuve multiply since bombing in Nice. This is the first time since he took office in April 2014, succeeding Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister is facing such an avalanche of criticism. Back on a high voltage week.

Act I: The right of opposition criticizes the lack of measures taken to fight against terrorism

The first accusations come from the right side. Following the attack of Nice, the opposition criticized the executive for not having taken the necessary measures against terrorism since the attacks of 2015. “Everything that should have been done last eighteen months have the has not been, “said three days after the attack the former head of state Nicolas Sarkozy. The same evening, the Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Bernard Cazeneuve unsheathe a long statement in response to accusations made by the right and list all the measures taken by the Executive in recent months. To the President of the National Front who requested his resignation, Bernard Cazeneuve replies: “It is precisely because she asks me I will not do it and I will do especially as Marine Le Pen has voted no anti-terrorism law “

Act II. the controversy surrounding the safety device swells

Meanwhile, questions about the safety device in place on the Promenade des Anglais the drama of the night arise in the political debate. The first to raise is none other than Christian Estrosi, Deputy Mayor of Republicans Nice. 36 hours after the attack, the elected evoked a “state lie” about the strength of the national police force present on the evening of drama. He said the national police were in short supply and the figures provided by the Interior Ministry are false. He reiterated his accusations a few days later in Nice Matin . Follows a battle of numbers between the Interior and the Deputy Mayor of Nice, the first now that there were many 64 national police officers on site. The government also defends claiming that municipal services were fully aware of the safety device as they had participated in the preparatory meetings with the prefecture. Other questions come to the debate: The “barriérage” the public was it enough? Why was driving the truck despite the traffic ban on a holiday? Were there too many events organized on the same day? Why was there no concrete chicanes on the boardwalk

Act III: Libération refers to “flaws and a lie”

But it is mainly a survey of newspaper Libération , published Thursday, July 21, which will destabilize the tenant of the place Beauvau. Photos and testimonials in support, the newspaper reveals that a single municipal police car blocked the entrance to the pedestrian area of ​​the Promenade des Anglais, where it arrived the truck used in the attack in Nice. In fact, the national police are stationed at more than 370 meters below, where concerts are held. Their cars parked along the road, could in no way prevent the passage of the terrorist truck. Or Bernard Cazeneuve assured July 16 that “police vehicles made it impossible to cross the walk” … Again, the Minister issued a press release “indignation against the truths” of Libération . But the controversy is sustained. In the camp of the right, Senate President Gerard Larcher calls “independent investigation” and Christian Estrosi investigation by the General Inspectorate of the administration. To calm the storm, the interior minister finally enter the police of the police (IGPN) in which he asks an administrative investigation of the safety device. “At no time has there been a lie of the authorities”, asserts his side the prefect of the region while President François Hollande promised “truth and transparency” on the famous device and recalled that Bernard Cazeneuve “has his confidence “.

Act IV: Demand justice to remove 24 hour CCTV, the city refuses

The information was revealed by Le Figaro : Wednesday, July 20, the Anti-terrorism sub-directorate (SDAT) asked the agents that manage video surveillance from Nice city to clear 24 hours of images from six named and numbered cameras but also of all the scenes since the beginning of the attack that took place on the promenade des Anglais. These videos are of course backed up as part of the investigation. This request is in fact to prevent the wild spread of images from these bands, out of respect for the victims. Except that the request evil happening locally. Friday, the lawyer for the city of Nice said the municipality would refuse to meet this demand. During that time, the media describe an interior minister “in turmoil,” “The Perfect Storm” and “on the spot”.

“Nice refuses to clear CCTV images the attack of July 14

Act V: A police niçoise denounced “pressure” of the Interior, Cazeneuve a complaint

This Sunday the tenant of the place Beauvau was again found in turmoil. In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche , in charge of urban supervision center (CSU) has questioned the Interior Ministry. Sandra Bertin said she had been pressured by a representative of the place Beauvau in drafting its report on the deadly night of 14 July. Bernard Cazeneuve was quick to deny these “serious charges” and announced that it filed a complaint for defamation. “Contrary to what Ms. Bertin says, is by no means ‘the office of the Minister of Interior sent a commissioner to CSU’ or would have had exchanges with it,” said the Beauvau place in a communicated. The Minister of Justice, the Paris prosecutor and the police boss also supported the Minister in turmoil.

On Sunday night, Sandra Bertin, who is also responsible for the Independent Union of the territorial public service of the metropolis and the city of Nice, maintained his accusations in a report broadcast on France 2. His lawyer said in the wake she would make a report to the prosecutor for forgery of public documents. Invited the public chain, the interior minister, meanwhile, said he was “serene”. “Justice will establish the truth I know. I know that no one in my office has been in contact with Ms. Bertin “

Act VI. Pass arms between Bernard Cazeneuve and Christian Estrosi

in the same statement, Bernard Cazeneuve is also taking to “some nice elect,” which he said was to feed “virulent polemics,” “every day since the terrible attacks of 14 July.” Charge directly addressed to Christian Estrosi has not failed to react late in the day: “With Philippe Pradal (the mayor of Nice, note), we reject the outrageous accusations of the Minister of instrumentalization of about an agent in a terrible environment, “he proclaimed on Twitter.

Always on the social network, he assured that the municipality had discovered about the police in the JDD . The latter will produce ‘all the evidence before it in court, “wrote his side the municipality in a statement.


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