Monday, July 25, 2016

Nice: Cazeneuve a complaint for defamation of the national police and to himself – The World

Christian Estrosi and Bernard Cazeneuve,  July 15 in Nice.

the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has formally lodged a complaint against the Nice municipal police who accused him of having pressured to change a report on the attack on 14 July. The Agence France-Presse was able to consult, Monday, July 25, two complaints. One is the National Police and the other the Minister himself

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Citing a large excerpt of the interview with the Head of the municipal police of Nice, Sandra Bertin, gave the Sunday newspaper of 24 July, the Minister of Justice in interior his complaints that the statements of police are “definitely likely to give birth in the public mind the idea that the department and the minister communicate false facts about the strength of the national police present there” the evening of July 14 in Nice “and participating in state lie described in the first paragraph of Article” .

“Offensive behavior and consideration”

According to the complaints, about the municipal police and are “violation honor and reputation “ of the national police and the minister.

on Monday afternoon, the lawyer of the municipal police has in turn filed a report to the prosecutor the Republic of Nice. His client notably lagging “Police Commissioner” , as it sent by the Ministry of the Interior and another person who said being part of the cabinet, reached by telephone, asking him “show on some areas of the positions of the national police” and write a “modifiable”

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