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Cazeneuve a complaint after accusations of a police niçoise – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The Interior Minister will file a complaint on Sunday for “defamation” after “serious accusations” of a niçoise municipal police claiming to have received the Interior press for change its report on the police operation on 14 July. She maintained her accusations Sunday night on France 2.

The controversy over the safety device of July 14 in Nice does not fall. The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Sunday he would sue for “defamation” after “serious accusations” a police niçoise. In an interview with JDD , the municipal official said receiving the interior pressure to modify its report on the police operation on 14 July. Sandra Bertin, who was in charge of CCTV Nice bombing of the evening, said she was “harassed for an hour,” the next day. “I was ordered to enter specific positions of the national police that I have not seen on the screen,” she adds

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“the day after the attacks, the cabinet of the Minister of the Interior sent a commissioner to the CSU (urban supervision center) that put me in line with the Place Beauvau, “says Sandra Bertin, head of the CSU. A version contradicted the statement released Sunday by the Interior Ministry. “Contrary to what Ms. Bertin says, so this is by no means the office of the Minister of the Interior sent a commissioner to CSU or would have had exchanges with it.”

This is the sole authority in the prosecution investigators visited several times CSU to exploit the videos. “

the Minister of Justice, the Paris prosecutor and the police boss also supported the Minister in turmoil. Earlier, the Paris prosecutor in charge of the investigation, François Molins, already ensured that the interior had not intervened at CSU. “It is the sole authority in the prosecution investigators visited several times CSU to exploit the videos, in order to view the path of the truck,” said Francois Molins. “His actions have no other purpose than to achieve the establishment of the truth in the context of a criminal investigation,” he assured. The survey “exclusively by the judicial authority”, also confirmed the Justice Minister Jean-Jacques Urvoas in a statement.

boss threatened police complaint

Unusually, the head of the national police even organized a press conference at the Ministry to ensure that neither the firm nor the Minister Bernard Cazeneuve himself “did not have to intervene in this classic ascent” of information. Jean-Marc Falcone explained that the police had sent the evening of July 14, two of his servants: a commander and a commissioner. It has also “exercised any approach designed to edit documents or data, let alone dictate the terms of a report and the positioning of the security forces,” he said again .

The head of the police threatened to complain in turn, “could not accept it damaged the reputation” of his men, but also invited Sandra Bertin namely to denounce official that would have done so, promising to take “all the consequences” if it had turned out. “The polemics and manipulations that affect the national police, its leaders and its minister must stop,” Has he said.

“This controversy is absurd”

Sunday evening, Sandra Bertin, who is also responsible for the independent Union of the territorial public service of the metropolis and the city of Nice, maintained his accusations in a report broadcast on France 2. his lawyer said in the aftermath that she would make a report to the prosecutor for forgery of public documents.

Guest of the public chain, the interior minister, meanwhile, said he was “serene”. “Justice will establish the truth I know. I know that no member of my Cabinet have occurred, “he continued, urging the young policewoman disclose the name of the accused person. “This controversy is absurd. This document will not even be paid to the record of the investigation, “he added. The tenant of the place Beauvau has denounced a “villainy campaign” against him. “Now I say enough, enough to question constantly the state.” “I will blow for blow,” he assured. “The fight against terrorism, that’s the issue,” he insisted while recalling the measures taken by the government in recent months

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the government and the city of Nice are engaged in a lively debate about the safety device deployed on 14 July. Sunday, a municipal source has also told AFP and World that Christian Estrosi, Deputy 1st LR particular for security in Nice, did not attend any of the preparatory meetings for the event on 14 July. The president of the PACA region and former mayor of Nice, which was sold in June based in his former first deputy Philippe Pradal to comply with the law on the dual mandate, however, was represented at these meetings by its employees ” most competent “has added the same source, confirming a report in World . The Alpes-Maritimes Prefect was not present either, also assured the municipality. The prefecture has its side “declined to comment because of the ongoing investigation” of the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN), seized by the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.


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