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Nice face the controversy, Holland and Valls on the frontline – The Point

Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls are mounted to Monday frontline for Bernard Cazeneuve, accused of misrepresenting the truth about the safety device on the night of the bombing in Nice, Prime Minister criticizing a controversial “purely political” aimed at ” destabilize the government “.

” it is justice “who must establish the truth and” anyone else, “said for his part the head of state, while a municipal police Nice claimed to have been subjected to pressure from below Place Beauvau to change his report on the security device in the evening of 14 July. “Truth and transparency will be established,” he promised.

“It can not be any controversy or confrontation. That is why the Prime Minister and the Minister Manuel Valls Interior Bernard Cazeneuve were right to call for dignity, responsibility, while ensuring transparency, “said Mr. Holland during a visit to Vincennes with soldiers of the antiterrorist operation Sentinel.

Accused Sunday with a niçoise municipal police, Sandra Bertin, head of controlling CCTV, Bernard Cazeneuve has announced the filing of a complaint for “defamation”, denouncing “a villainies campaign.”

Mr. Cazeneuve is “an honest man, a statesman, a minister of the Interior tremendous,” Manuel Valls defended him, denouncing “political controversy that aims to destabilize the government” and asking “that all this continues” even if “it is obviously the truth.”

This “idea basically that the state ment, has something to hide, fueling doubt, divide the state of law,” he said.

the executive has promised for this week’s report of the General Inspectorate of the national Police (IGPN), the “police of the police” on the device the night of the attack that left 84 dead.

Manuel Valls again attacked the former mayor of Nice and current president of the LR Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, Christian Estrosi, who on the evening of the tragedy had denounced the lack of police resources national

-. “the trompisation + + of the French” –

“We must be worthy of the conditions of an election,” he told the Prime Minister to the address of Mr. Estrosi, elected regional December facing Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (FN) after the withdrawal of the PS-PRG list between the two towers.

in the United States, “with Donald Trump, c ‘ is exactly the same method, political violence, excess, the questioning of democracy, “even attacked Mr. Valls, making a link with the approach of the primary right for 2017.

“By telling a little anything, Manuel Valls is in the + + trompisation of French,” joked Sébastien Huyghe, spokesman LR.

Mr. Estrosi, Deputy Prime Nice security, defended accusations of “manipulation” of the municipal police carried by the executive and the elected PS: “The controversy is the government that generates by obstructing the bursting of the truth and telling a lie upon lie, “responded the former Minister of Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sandra Bertin, who maintained his accusations Sunday night, must do on Monday a report to the prosecutor for “forgery of public documents,” according to his lawyer.

On France 2, the municipal police, who regularly showed his support to Christian Estrosi on his Twitter account, closed on the night of Sunday to Monday, detailed previously pressures she allegedly suffered. She assured that a “police officer” claiming to be sent by the Ministry and another person called to join the cabinet, reached by telephone, had particularly asked “show some places on the positions of the national police” and write a “modifiable” report.

While the report of three Ms. Bertin pages says that jihadist the truck is mounted on the promenade des Anglais the sidewalk without “any police presence,” a report of the national Police for its part assures that he wanted to avoid a “barrage” national police “isolating the pedestrian perimeter.”

Ms. Bertin official, “knows the Penal code”, is its part criticized on Monday the Minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas if it faces the manifestation of an offense “that is not the JDD she should talk but the prosecutor”

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