Saturday, July 23, 2016

Poll: no effect “Nice” on the unpopularity of Valls and Hollande – The Point

After “Charlie” and to a lesser extent in November 2015, François Hollande had enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. This time it is not. At most, the executive can console themselves by saying that at least, the opposite does not happen. Francois Hollande won a small point of popularity in a month, with 19% of positive opinions. Manuel Valls loses one point, to 24%, according to a BVA poll for Orange and i-Télé published Saturday. Conducted a week after the attack of 14 July on the Promenade des Anglais, the barometer still registers a “resurgence of good opinions” among supporters of the left, including PS, said BVA.

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in the face of attacks from the right, the executive did forehead brandishing respect for the rule of law. A strategy thus limiting the damage: the president, with 59% of good opinions (3 +), and Premier, with 64% (+5) with PS sympathizers. The institute sees there “may be a reflex of close ranks behind the government.” But all tendencies to whether the policies of François Hollande and the government is “just” 78% (stable) of respondents answer “no”, and as to whether it is effective, 84% settle negatively.

with regard to the political influence of rating, Alain Juppé is still leading all political sides, but down two points to 42%, having already declined by two points last month.

Sarkozy, winner

Emmanuel Macron, with 41% (+1) delights the second position to Nicolas Hulot who, at 37%, losing 5 points. Nicolas Hulot, who said on July 5 that it would not be a presidential candidate, remains in the lead among supporters of the left (54%, – 1), just ahead Christiane Taubira dating back to 53% (3) and Anne Hidalgo (52%, +1).

from supporters of the right and center, Alain Juppe continues to dominate its competitors in the primary in November with 64%, but lost four points. François Fillon (52% + 1) passes in front of Bruno Le Maire, down (51%, – 4), while Nicolas Sarkozy rose six points to 48%. But the former president, probable candidate for the primary, “symbolically anticipates” a point with Alain Juppé LR supporters, with a rise of seven points (69%) when Alain Juppé loses two (68%) . BVA also noted a “resurgence of good opinions” about Nicolas Sarkozy from the FN supporters (35%, +8). The effect of his speech that more muscular post-attack.

Survey conducted among a sample of 1,234 people representative of the French population aged 18 years and over (quota method) recruited by phone and interviewed the 20 and 21 July on the internet.


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