Friday, July 22, 2016

Beaumont -Persan: nearly 2,000 people demanded “justice” for Adama – Le Parisien

C ela was to be a “silent” march. It was finally a moment laden claims. Nearly 2000 people gathered on Friday afternoon to demand “justice for Adama.” This man of 24 years died Tuesday night at Beaumont-sur-Oise, after an inquiry. During more than two hours, the procession has multiplied slogans between the sports field of the Boyenval city, where Adama lived, and Castle Square in the city center.

A yellow rose in left hand clenched fist, a woman: “We want the truth! We want the truth! “This Thursday, the prosecutor revealed that the first elements of the autopsy concluded Adama in” the absence of bruises “and a death caused by” severe infection “.

“These are all lies, like everything that has been said and written since the beginning,” gets mad woman, a resident of Boyenval neighborhood. In the procession, many from Beaumont, but others have moved much further. As thirties, came from Paris RER, which is nicknamed “Touf”: “I was impressed when I saw the suffering of the families on TV, he says. What say the police and the gendarmerie, I do not. No more than I believe in justice. It’s been weird things. “

p & gt; In the distance, a discreet security service had been set up. But when some protesters perceive military, shouts arise: “Cops, killers! Gendarmes, murderers! “Forcing Samba, elder brother of Adama, to take the microphone:” Pay no attention to the gendarmes, who do their work. Do not mix everything. We are here to Adama today, and we will go after, we will not relinquish anything. “

The applause rang, but the brother warns again:” All those who insult the police, you disrespect to Adama. We, the family, we suffer and we do not allow that. “After two nights of violence in the city, his sister Mama asked” those who break to stay at home. ” The march is being proceeded smoothly, his appeal was heard.


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