Saturday, July 23, 2016

French skeptics about the effectiveness of the state of emergency – The World

The National Assembly on July 15  illuminated with the colors of the national flag  in tribute to victims of the bomb attack in Nice  yesterday.

A small majority of French (54%) believes that the state emergency is not effective in the fight against terrorism, according to a BVA poll for Orange and iTélé published Saturday, July 23. The usefulness of this exceptional rule is validated in contrast 45% of respondents.

The skepticism with regard to the state of emergency is even more important in relatives surveyed party Republicans (38%) and the Front National (34%), unlike supporters of the IDUs (62%) and PS (72%), who are mostly convinced of its effectiveness.

the state of emergency, introduced after the attacks of 13 November 2015 and renewed this week for the fourth time, is also more plebscité by older respondents (51% among those over 50 years) than by young people (about 36% in less than 35 years).

Fatalism on preventing attacks

the general skepticism of French is reflected in the number of respondents who believe that “even if we give ourselves the means, we can not prevent all attacks” (78%). Only supporters of the FN believe (56%) to the idea that political power can prevent all terrorist attacks.

Asked about the priorities that should set the government in response to recent attacks, respondents mostly cited the fight against jihadist propaganda and radicalization (86%), internal security (75%) and education (73%), far ahead of the situation of the suburbs (54%), the question of integration (51%) and the fight against racism (36%).

This survey was conducted online by the July 20 and 21 with a sample of 1234 people aged 18 years and older.


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