Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nice: the safety device was not “undersized” according IGPN – Le Figaro

The General Inspectorate of the National Police issued Wednesday to Interior Minister the report of its “technical assessment mission”. A document that “will not be sufficient” to Christian Estrosi.

Object of heated debate, the safety device on the Nice English to walk evening of the attack of 14 July was the subject of a “mobilization adapted adjustment”: this is the conclusion of the “technical assessment mission” of the General Inspectorate of the national Police (IGPN) controlled the Ministry of the Interior on 21 July.

Ensuring that the controversy “is the result of a misunderstanding and interpretation of information,” its director, Marie-France-Moneger Guyomarc’h confirmed the number of national police (64) and municipal (42) made for the occasion. As the report points out, it was officially recorded that the city police was responsible points of dam for circulation (Gambetta and Ile de Beauté) and the National three checkpoints Police (Meyerbeer, Verdun and OM) defining the ‘Prom’ party “, in which zone also circulated policemen on patrol.

” It was normal to find 21 hours at the corner of the rue Gambetta and the promenade des Anglais, two municipal police officers before a dam deviated traffic “, considered the Head of the” police of the police “. “Traditionally the municipal police involved in the parade in the afternoon and scrolling are invited to the garden party of the mayor. It is the national police provide during that time traffic points on the perimeter of the festivities and they are raised from 20.30 per municipal police officers who take their mission of circulation, “she added.

The reinforcement of two mobile units refused

“In July 2016, no target has been reported by the territorial intelligence service, or during preparatory meetings parade nor during daily meetings held by the DDSP, the document of IGPN. Therefore, the device is built on the basis of an overall assessment of the terrorist threat favoring the hypothesis of pedestrians and armed assailants attacking the crowd. “In addition, the report notes,” the four meetings preparatory allowed the actors to acquire a shared and comprehensive knowledge of the planned devices “adding that” the town was associated and represented there. ”

“As for a possible device by forcing a ram vehicle nor the nature of the event or the configuration of the premises, or alerts of any kind, have led the prefecture, and the DDSP the municipality to work on that assumption, “insisted the police fonts.

the report also revealed that from June 27, the prefecture had unsuccessfully sought the backing of two units of mobile forces, one in favor of the Cannes district, the other in Nice.

The five units of mobile forces available in the area were distributed to Marseille because of the “risk of urban violence in the northern districts” in Toulouse for the ‘same reasons of disturbing public order “Montpellier” start of the 12th stage of the Tour de France on July 14, “in Carcassonne where” 500,000 spectators expected for the “kindling” of the city “and to Avignon and where is held the festival.

“To compensate, the local director of public safety has increased the number of 20 units planned” or “over the past year, an additional 50%,” according to IGPN.

“police of the police” met with “very marked interlocutors by events” and who “live poorly polemics” as “an unjustified party claim.”

‘insufficient’ Report according Estrosi

on Wednesday, President (LR) of the PACA region, and the first deputy mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, and the mayor, Philippe Pradal, had said Wednesday that the report of the ‘IGPN the police presence deployed on 14 July in Nice “can not be enough,” deploring “the remaining problems.” “This report is not likely to answer the questions that remain unanswered and our desire to get the manifestation of the truth, insisted the elected. (…) This survey (…) can not be sufficient to meet the legitimate concerns of the families of victims, “said former town councilor and Mayor of Nice in a joint statement.

“At a press conference on July 21, seven days after the tragedy, the Alpes-Maritimes Prefect said that 39 personnel of National Police were present at the time of the attack, contradicting this report IGPN and the minister held the evening of the attack that “evoked 64 agents mobilized zone”, recall the two elected Nice. These ask: “Why the minister said that we had validated the device even we knew neither the number of mobilized manpower, nor the status of the threat that was also not known services of the State as revealed by the report? “

on Sunday, the head of the department controlling the video to the municipal police of Nice, Sandra Bertin, also claimed to have suffered from the Interior Ministry pressures . to change his report on the security device in the evening of July 14

Two investigations were initiated by justice after the charges: one in Nice for “abuse of authority” after complaint the police, the other in Paris for “defamation” after that of Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.


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