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Nice: Sandra Bertin and involves questioning – Liberation

The controversy launched this weekend by the municipal police niçoise Sandra Bertin does not stop. In an interview with Sunday newspaper , the latter accused the Interior Ministry to have lobbied for it modifies its report on the safety device on the night of the attack of 14 July. “A campaign of villainy” , denounced the minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who announced the filing of a complaint for defamation. And received on Monday the support of François Hollande and Manuel Valls. “This is justice” , which must establish the truth and “else” , insisted the head of state. For his part, lawyer Sandra Bertin, M th Adrien Verrier, has reported Monday filed a report with the prosecutor, without specifying the offenses likely to be retained.

Who is she?

municipal Police, Sandra Bertin heads the urban supervision Centre (CSU) of the city of Nice, place which analyzes the images of very expensive CCTV park set up by the former mayor Sarkozy Christian Estrosi. The evening of July 14, she attends live on its screens to the slaughter perpetrated by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. The next day she wrote a report which details the events of 22 h 33 zone where the presence of a “crazy truck” on the Promenade des Anglais is first reported, 22 35 pm, where deadly race vehicle is stopped. Syndicalist, Sandra Bertin is also clear support of Christian Estrosi, now president of the PACA region. Its Twitter and Facebook accounts, now deleted, were not in mystery. She took particular in the government “socialist” , the Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, or the migrant reception policy in France.

What did she say?

Sandra Bertin affirms the JDD being pressured at of this report, from a caller claiming to be a member of Bernard Cazeneuve firm. Contacted by Libération , it details: “A police officer shows up and tells me it is sent by the Interior Ministry. He said he was in telephone communication with someone from the minister’s office. This person, who told me his identity, wondering when the phone detailing her positioning barrièrage and national police force and municipal evening of drama. After establishing and sent this report, my interlocutor at the Ministry reminds me and asked me to change it by indicating the presence of the national police on two specific points of control, so I had not seen on the videos. So I refused. “

A version it has completed a report” on pressure facts’ sent to its municipal hierarchy in the night from Sunday to Monday after the storm launched by his interview with the JDD . The document, seen by Libération , reported a particular request: “Mention that agents of the National Police are on the device entry point ‘, to the angle of the promenade des Anglais and the boulevard Gambetta. This is where traffic was blocked on the night of the attack, and where then began, in fact, the pedestrian area ( Libération July 21), in which the truck engulfed.

This version is correct?

At a press conference on Sunday, Jean-Marc Falcone , the Director General of the national Police, tried to defuse the controversy by detailing a procedure “classic and systematic” where “nor the interior minister nor his services were not made” . Falcone says that a commissioner of the Departmental Directorate of Public Security of Alpes-Maritimes has actually visited CSU “in order to provide quality and verified information” and “has taken no steps to edit documents” . It was, he said, a simple administrative procedure information feedback to the hierarchy.

On the side of the General Directorate of the National Police, also recognizes the existence of a even several telephone conversations between Bertin and a commissioner of the Central Directorate of public security. Based in Paris, it is placed under the authority of the Interior Ministry, but not for the office of Bernard Cazeneuve. Objective: “Facilitating information feedback due to pressure due to possible” – and the dramatic context – but “in no case to change the [Background] report ‘ . This document is mailed July 15 late afternoon. The firm Cazeneuve is not part of the recipients. For its part, Sandra Bertin has so far provided no physical evidence to support his accusations direct pressure. According to his lawyer, reporting to the prosecutor of the Alpes-Maritimes contains new evidence that could accredit his version.

Sylvain Mouillard Ishmael Halissat


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