Sunday, July 31, 2016

The two terrorists of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray had known little – Paris Normandy

The investigation by the terrorism prosecutor of Paris continues: The cousin of Abdel Malik Petitjean , one of the two authors of the jihadist attack of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray , a was indicted yesterday and detained, said the Paris prosecutor.

Farid K. , 30, who was taken into custody as of Thursday 28 July Meurthe-et-Moselle where he lives, was fully aware, if not the place and day precise, of an imminent violent action project her cousin.

He is indicted for “criminal association in relation with a terrorist criminal organization. “ It is in this man Abdel Malik Petitjean was supposed to be the day of the tragedy, according to his mother. This inhabitant of Heillecourt had reported to the police in the hours that followed the tragedy of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray .

the investigation has really accelerated since yesterday early evening, a man who had tried to reach Syria in June with Abdel Malik Petitjean, was indicted. Jean-Philippe J ., 20, stuck “S”, visited June 10 in Turkey with Abdel Malik Petitjean, but had been repressed in the country the next day. Petitjean, who was not at the time reported to radicalization, was also returned to France. Jean-Philippe J. was indicted in a separate investigation that opened on the hostage-taking of 26 July . “He requested a deferred debate before the judge of freedoms and detention and, in the meantime, was jailed provisionally”, said the Paris prosecutor.

However, custody of a Syrian refugee, arrested Thursday, was lifted. The photocopy of the passport of the man, who resides in a reception center for asylum seekers in the Allier, had been found at the home of the second bomber, Adel Kermiche . But in the end, no evidence has demonstrated that he had any involvement in the facts , a source close to the investigation.

Recent contacts between terrorists

a minor 16 years had been placed in custody on Tuesday, hours after the attack against the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray. He was released Saturday. But it has not ended with the Law: jihadist propaganda documents were found in his phone and his computer. These were sent by the Paris prosecutor to his counterpart in Rouen, territorial jurisdiction and could decide to open a separate procedure for “apology for terrorism.” The brother of the boy, Adel Bouaoun , interested investigators: near Adel Kermiche, he went in the Iraqi-Syrian area in 2015. The anti-terrorism agencies are wondering if it could play a role for Syria in the attack Tuesday. Two other people were released after being heard. This is the sister of Adel Kermiche and his companion. Arrested Wednesday were released Thursday night.

The prosecutor’s office opened a criminal inquiry, led by specialized investigating judges, including “participation in a criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise” and “organized gang murder committed because of belonging to the victim to a religion, in relation to a terrorist enterprise”.

Five days after the hostage crisis during which the priest Jacques Hamel, 85, was murdered, the survey also highlighted the links, he seems very recent, the two killers. Adel Abdel Malik Kermiche and Petitjean, 19 both, who lived 700 kilometers away, would come into contact only days before the hostage-taking via encrypted email Telegram , according to Le Parisien and La Voix du Nord. This application is regularly singled out by the authorities as one of the preferred means of communication of the jihadist Islamic State group, which claimed responsibility. Adel Kermiche would Telegram described on the procedure in advance of the attack, stating a knife and church . The two attackers had been spotted by their separate intelligence agencies without their passage to the imminent act has been detected.

In addition, a minor of 17 who had sought from Syria Adel Kermiche in 2015 was recently arrested in Geneva in a second attempt, and returned to France where he was imprisoned, said Saturday a source close to the investigation. Another 19 year old man stuck “S” (reported to radicalization) and arrested on July 25 in Mantes-my-Jolie (Yvelines) in a separate investigation of the intelligence services, was set Friday exam. A video of Abdel Malik Petitjean, in which it paid allegiance to the EI and evoked violent action , was found in a phone at home. Another investigation is under way, in which a French 20 years was arrested. He had visited Turkey in early June with Petitjean before being forced like him.


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