Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beaumont-sur-Oise (France) – Val-d’Oise: quieter night after the autopsy of Adama Traoré – L’Express

After two consecutive nights of violence, the situation was “ much quieter ,” said AFP chief of staff of the prefect of the Val-d’Oise, Jean-Simon Mérandat, to 3:00 Friday.

The land is now controlled and very well run by the security force ,” he said.

Six vehicle have been burned in the towns of L’Isle-Adam, Champagne-sur-Oise, Bernes-sur-Oise and Beaumont-sur-Oise and two petrol pumps whose fire was “ quickly mastered ” Mr Mérandat said. The gendarmes suffered two “ lead to fire “, on a vehicle in the city of Persian, he added. Five people were detained without being placed in custody.

Since the death Tuesday of Adama Traoré, 24, when arrested by the police, described as “ barb ” by his family, violence broke out in public nearby Beaumont-sur-Oise, Persian and Bruyeres-sur-Oise.

The security forces had been targeted by gunshots lead and Molotov cocktails. Several vehicles were burned and nine people were placed in custody in the Wednesday and Thursday night.

– no ‘significant traces of violence’ –

On Thursday, the prosecutor in Pontoise Yves Jannier had told AFP that Adama Traore suffered from “ a very serious infection ‘,’ multiorgan . ” According to him, the coroner found no “ significant traces of violence ” on the body.

scratch ” were simply observed, “ but nothing significant “, he added. “ Obviously this person would not have suffered violence, as some members of his family were able to say ,” continued the magistrate.

A source close to the investigation told AFP that he suffered “ apparently a severe respiratory infection ” and that this disease was the cause of his death . This source also reported the “ total absence shots ” and “ bleeding .”

infection which could suffer Adama Traoré does not explain the causes of the death “, told AFP the family lawyer, Karim Achoui. “ Wanted causes of death and there we are given his health “, he added. Me Achoui announced it would seek a second opinion against and oppose the burial permit issued by the authorities.

– Quiet Call –

Hawa Traoré, the twin sister of Adama, who did not believe the findings of the autopsy report, launched an appeal for calm ” we will find the truth, calm down young , “she told AFP.

The Defender Jacques Toubon, who will hear the case, has also launched “ a solemn appeal for calm .” “ One goal must prevail, shared by all those involved: the search for truth ,” he said in a statement.

A white march in memory of the young man must have held on Friday at 17:00 in Beaumont-sur-Oise. She will leave, according to the organizers of Boyenval, the original district Adama Traoré, a small city near the banks of the Oise. “ We will not object “, the holding of the march said Mr. Mérandat Thursday evening.

The death of the young man has provoked many reactions on social networks around the hashtag #JusticePourAdama, sometimes associated #BlackLivesMatter, usually used to denounce police brutality against blacks in the United States.

Two parallel investigations are conducted by the Research Section and the General Inspectorate of the Gendarmerie.

Additional tests, including bacteriological and toxicological, will be ordained to have a “ panel of absolutely complete exams “, the prosecutor said.

The young man had initially been presented as being suspected in an extortion case. But according to a source close to the investigation, Adama Traoré would actually inserted in the arrest of his brother, the real suspect wanted in the case, before being arrested himself.

He lost consciousness in the car transporting him to the police, according to several sources interviewed by AFP.


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