Thursday, July 14, 2016

Holland he will discuss the dissension Valls Macron, asks the press – The Point

François Hollande he will discuss the dissension between Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron? The editorialists questioned Thursday in the approach of the traditional interview of July 14, the President of the Republic.

A questionnaire that summarizes the A Parisien, showing the trio Holland / Valls / Macron triumphal arch on background flown by the air show, under the title. “14 July piecemeal”

Gilles Grandpierre also opens his editorial in the Union and the Ardennes on the offset between “impeccable ordering troops parading at his feet” and disputes within his own government.

The title World in One “Holland challenged to Macron”, when the BBC insists: “The fist-Valls Macron undermines the authority of Holland.” Release announcement for his part: “The ball of fire arsonists”, evoking a sense of distraction and entertainment affectionate by other press titles

“This comedy is that of power who wins and who. is lost “and analysis in Southwest, Yves Harte that evokes a” surprising farce “,” featuring three main characters of the play, the bold rascal, the angry and suspicious fake asleep. “

Donat Vidal evokes Revel in a Parisian “tragicomic spectacle”, “appalling” and “far from the major issues of the country.”

– ‘Give her trombones’ –

In Libération, Laurent Joffrin engages in a musical comparison: “It’s good to have different instruments in an orchestra also necessary. -it able to play. ” “In less than a year of presidential and on this day of national celebration, the band of arsonists firefighters must grant its trombones,” writes columnist.

“This must be the intervention of a president during the National Day. This may be one of the leader of a camp two days after a personal affront,” summarizes Matthew Verrier in the Voix du Nord.

By the pen of Paul-Henri du Limbert, Figaro even speaks of “fireworks” for “an appalling record, a disastrous popularity” and “a sensational polemic between Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron. “

Patrice Chabanet, the Journal de la Haute-Marne,” Francois Hollande can not not be asked about cohabitation “between the prime minister and Emmanuel Macron. “The question will inevitably be asked today to the Head of State during his traditional interview of July 14,” confirms Dominique Garraud of the Charente Libre.

Other columnists betting on a measured response Hollande. “Where there should be fulminant, it will likely be accommodating,” predicted Paul-Henri du Limbert (BBC). Gilles Grandpierre (Union / the Ardennes) believes it could give “useful clarifications,” but he “will do nothing”

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