Friday, July 15, 2016

Macron reframed by Holland and now? Nothing … – Le Parisien

Ava Djamshidi (@AvaDjamshidi) and Pauline Theveniaud (@Pauline_Th)

chapter Thursday by the president, who ordered to toe the line, Emmanuel Macron does not seem willing to change one iota his behavior. To the great annoyance of friends of Manuel Valls.

C ach word was weighed trebuchet. At the Elysee on Thursday to the traditional interview of July 14, François Hollande knew he would be asked about the tensions created by the summit of the state escaped his solitary economy minister. In most, few have tasted, Tuesday, the flamboyant one-person show “little marquis powder”, as nicknamed Laurent Fabius. Lese majeste law that starts presidential authority. So, in the lounge of the Portraits, the verdict is: “In government, there is no personal approach, much less presidential. Respect these rules is to remain in government. Not respect them is not to stay there. “

Clearly, the impetuous minister is not fired. It’s just invited to play cards on the table, and to draw conclusions. One last chance before a hypothetical exfiltration of the grantee. “Macron will have to choose, to clarify its position, decrypts close to President. Now we move on! There must be consistency. “

Except that Emmanuel Macron does not seem ready to activate the knife immediately. He received the message loud, aware that it is now for him to decide. As of Wednesday evening, he met his bodyguards, convinced that he would not be landed but a development waiting. What to choose, then? For now, Macron thought, although it said yesterday his family that he would “continue the path pledged on Tuesday”. “His religion is not made. The solution for the movement (Note: Running) would be asking. But to go out, you have to tell a story, “analyzes a parliamentarian who supports him. The minister should take a little time. “He will not answer this question within twenty-four hours,” confirms a relative. The proof Macron has kept his ministerial travel today in Brittany. If he chooses the exit door, Macron therefore should not announce his departure before the end of the parliamentary session at the end of the month. “He never torpedoed Holland and Valls, it will not suddenly cause a crisis,” does one falls around him.

And if he decided to stay? “We consider that it respects the principles set by the president,” Judge relative. François Hollande was nevertheless clear: not a personal approach. “This is great, Running is a collective effort! “Retorted the deputy (PS) Richard Ferrand, who notes:” If Emmanuel Macron had broken the rules, the president would have revoked. “And if Macron continued to walk on the ridge? “I do not feel he is completely sure of himself, sliding a counselor of power. Even his family does not know what will be the end of the story … “But the ball is now in his camp.

Le Parisien Ava Djamshidi (@AvaDjamshidi) and Pauline Theveniaud (@Pauline_Th)


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