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What is known about the attack in Nice – Le Figaro

VIDEO – At least 84 people died on Thursday night on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice mowed down by a truck crashed into the crowd at a distance of 2 km <. / p>

• A truck bearing down on the crowd Thursday night in Nice

about 23 hours on Thursday night, while the fireworks of July 14 drew to a close, a white truck drove at full speed into the crowd, which gathered thousands of people including many foreigners, and rolled over almost two kilometers along the promenade English, famous avenue of Nice. “It changed route at least once. He clearly sought to make maximum casualties, “detailed AFP a police source. Bodies littered the ground, often covered with a single sheet. People in tears sometimes remained dazed at their side on a floor covered with blood. The Nice University Hospital triggered the White Plan, with the establishment of a telephone line for families 04 93 72 22 22. The map Orsec many victims has also been activated.

• The provisional toll is 84 dead and 18 wounded “absolute emergency”

The result of the attack is still 84 dead, including children. To add heavy provisional toll is 18 people “in absolute emergency”, “fifty minor injuries” and 120 other people “involved”, shocked or supported by relief. Fifty children were hospitalized Lanval foundation, Nice pediatric hospital, said the head of communications of the hospital. “At 7am it was found two child deaths” during surgical procedures, “others are still between life and death,” he specified. The victims, including two Americans and included a Russian student. The number 2 of the local Borders to Police is also part of the victims, according to information from our journalist Jean-Marc Leclerc

“LIVE. – Follow our live into the attack in Nice

• the driver was shot dead by police

sources close to the investigation claimed Friday morning that the truck driver shot several times with a pistol before being shot by police. Reportedly, he was alone in the vehicle. Investigators will have to determine whether there was collusion upstream. The anti-terrorist section of the Paris parquet took up the investigation. Dummy weapons – except one – were found inside the vehicle. This would be a “grenade inoperative” and “long fake weapons”. identification of the name of a Franco-Tunisian, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, were also in the truck. Identity papers, the man is 31 years old and lives in Nice. He was known to police departments for minor offenses but not information. According to our reporter Christophe Cornevin citing a police source, he was convicted in a case of violence in March. A search was conducted at the home of the suspect. The attack has not been claimed for the hour.

“France is afflicted, horrified by this monstrosity” says Holland

• The terrorist track privileged

President Francois Hollande confirmed on Friday morning the character “terrorist” of the attack. “This is the France that is under the threat of Islamic terrorism” and “we must do everything to (…) the fight against the scourge of terrorism,” stressed the head of state, who assured that the France would “reinforce” its “action in Iraq and Syria.” “Nothing will make us surrender our will to fight against terrorism and we will further strengthen our actions in Syria and Iraq. We will continue to strike those who just attack us on our own soil, in their lairs. I announced yesterday morning, “said the president in the Elysee.

The choice of the procedure and the highly symbolic date evokes the instructions of jihadist groups like al-Qaida or the State Islamic. In an audio message in 2014, the official spokesman Daech, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, encouraged those he called “the Soldiers of the Caliphate” to use any available weapon. Like the jihadist Daech, Larossi Aballa, who murdered with a knife on June 13 a police officer and his wife at their home in Paris. “If you can not blow up a bomb or shoot,” he told them, “you’re doing (…) flip them with your car.”

“A method that recalls instructions of the Islamic State

• the prolonged emergency, national mourning three days

bill extending the state of emergency for three months will be presented Tuesday by the Cabinet “for Parliament’s consideration on Wednesday and Thursday,” Manuel Valls announced Friday the release of a Defence Council to ‘Elysium. Hollande has also declared a national three-day mourning from Saturday to Monday, he added, stating that the flags would be flown at half mast on public buildings from this Friday.

The president announced on the night that he would “appeal to the operational reserve, that is to say to all those who at one time were in uniform or on the strength of police response to relieve staff of police and gendarmes. Francois Hollande arrived in Nice in mid-day, following the Prime Minister.

• An activated Crisis

In Paris, where President Francois Hollande returned urgently. A victim cell was opened at the Foreign Ministry with a hotline for relatives :

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