Saturday, August 27, 2016

5th hot day in France before a Sunday refreshment – The Point

The holidays are over, but the heat wave continues. Saturday, the orange vigilance heatwave always involved 43 departments, between the southwest and the north and east of the country, but with a risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms over parts, announced Meteo France. Vigilance orange heatwave is expected to involve 43 departments until Sunday morning, between the southwest and the north and east of the country, says the agency of the forecast.

Saturday afternoon, the sheltered temperatures were peaking over a wide band from the Southwest to the Northeast, Pyrénées-Atlantiques to the Landes and the Centre for the Champagne and Lorraine. It was within 35.6 ° C in Metz, 36 ° C to Nancy. The heat was particularly noticeable in cities where urbanization concentrates and keeps heat. “On Saturday promises to be one of the hottest heat wave this episode,” warned Emmanuel Demaël, forecaster at Météo-France.

A Sunday morning heat wave output

During the week, numerous records for late August had already been beaten. And Friday in Strasbourg (36 ° erasing the 34.7 ° of 28 August 1992) and Dijon (34.9 ° 34.8 ° against 26 August 1926). This heat wave unprecedented for a late summer, and linked to the presence of a blocked anticyclone over the country, however, should take phased Sunday. Falling temperatures will begin with the West, showers and thunderstorms are expected to cool the atmosphere.

“Sunday at 6 am, the Centre and Ile-de-France will most certainly orange alert and at 10 am across the country will certainly be out of the heat, “said Emmanuel Demaël, although temperatures of over 30 ° are still awaited on eastern fringes and 28 ° in the Paris region and the Centre .

caution on roads and in towns

Prior to this enhancement, caution remained up Saturday especially on the road where the scorching heat complicated day classified red, peaking traffic expected between 12 h 30 and 13 hours. On the highway, prevention messages were broadcast on the light panels and the motorway radios (107.7), prompting drivers to stay hydrated, and stop frequently to rest. prevention leaflets about the effects of the heat wave were available on the service areas, according to the Ministry of Health.

In large cities, people seeking freshness in parks or along the water. In Paris, firefighters found a hundred cases of hyperthermia since the beginning of the episode, without regret very serious case because “people call very quickly.” Firefighters will see the effects of prevention messages and vigilance.

Exceptional measures

The Department of Health has notably set up a hotline, 0800 June 66 66 , accessible daily from 9:00 to 7:00 p.m. (free call from a landline in France) to inform about health recommendations to follow in times of extreme heat. The mayor of Paris has maintained Saturday disseminating prevention messages, as well as its free measures – Vélib ‘, Autolib’, residential parking. In the capital, but also in many areas, these high temperatures contribute to the peaks of ozone pollution – emissions generated by a reaction between high temperatures, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides (particularly from road traffic).

on Saturday, a ministerial decree is published in the Official Journal, which aims to accelerate the triggering of emergency measures in the event of peak pollution including ozone pollution. The mayor of Paris asked Friday to Police Commissioner circumvention measures in the Ile-de-France for heavy transit and a maximum speed reduction allowed on main roads.


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