Sunday, August 28, 2016

A restaurant refuses to serve two veiled women in Seine-Saint-Denis – The World

Women’s Rights Minister, Laurence Rossignol, said in a tweet entering the Interministerial Delegation for the fight against racism and anti-Semitism (Dilcra) “to initiate investigations and sanctions against behavior intolerable restaurant patron “.

in undoubtedly video filmed by mobile phone of one of the two clients and then put online, we hear two female voices during a tense exchange with the restorer in a white apron, in the dining room

at one of the two women launch. “We do not want to be served by racist, sir! “, after the restaurant owner asked them to leave, the boss replies: ” Racist not put bombs and do not kill people, racists like me! “. “Because we put bombs, sir? “, retorted the voice. “Madam, terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists. (…) People like you, I want no home. (…) Now, you know, then go! “

The two clients then left the scene, after informing the police. The police have indeed made in the evening on site. On Twitter, the president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), Anwar Kbibech, expressed his “outrage” .

According to Le Parisien, the restaurant apologized. “He has explained that he skidded given the current context of tensions around the issue of Burkini” , writes the daily.

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