Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Photo of the day – Airlander 10: the largest aircraft in the world misses his landing in England – MetroNews

With its 92 meters long, it is larger than any airliner. Not easy, therefore, to ask him. The airship Airlander 10, the largest aircraft in the world, missed his landing Wednesday at Cardington Airfield (southeast England) during its second test flight. If the incident caused no injuries, the cockpit was damaged.

Presented for the first time in March

The Airlander 10 hit runway during landing. A video posted on YouTube shows the platform and nosedive in slow motion when approaching the runway, before the strike.

The airship, which was presented to the public for the first time in March , uses helium to lift into the air. There can stay for five days with a crew or more than two weeks without anyone aboard after its builder, who wants to promote a variety of missions, ranging from monitoring to transport.

Every day MetroNews selects a striking picture of the news. A moving, offset, strong or overwhelming sense … The opportunity to remember that in many cases, a picture says a thousand words.

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