Saturday, August 27, 2016

Migrants in Calais: Sarkozy calls into question the agreements Le Touquet – Le Parisien

A near Xavier Bertrand Chairman LR des Hauts de France and his rival in the primary right Alain Juppé, former president Nicolas Sarkozy ruled Saturday Le Touquet (Pas-de-Calais) for a reconsideration of the agreements it had itself signed in this city in 2003 and which place to Calais the British-French border, hindering illegal immigration to Great Britain.

“of the migrants in Calais” on the situation which the LR mayor Natacha Bouchart was again alert moments before, “everyone who is seeking refugee status policy and who do not have the right to be returned to their country immediately, “said Nicolas.Sarkozy, cheered by more than a thousand people during the Campus of Young Republicans (2,000 according to the organizers).

with regard to “all who are here in Calais and want to go to England, the English teach in England the record of these candidates, it is not in France that we must do,” said former President thus calling into question the agreements Touquet 2003, and reaching this point his main rival for the primary, Alain Juppé.

“I demand the opening of a treatment center asylum for those who are in Calais in England, so that the English do the work concerning (…). They will organize charter flights to send home people they do not want, “he continued. “It is normal that we keep our borders, added the former head of state who would” not shocked that the French police take the French border to the entrance of the tunnel. “

concluded in February 2003 between London and Paris, with Nicolas Sarkozy for signature as interior minister at the time, these agreements have moved Touquet French side the control of the British border. President Francois Hollande has opposed a plea to the idea of ​​a renegotiation, saying it had “no meaning”.


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