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Dupont Ligon case “a perfect disappearance” – Europe1

The years passed and the mystery remains strong. Almost five and a half years after the discovery, in the family terrace of Agnes Dupont bodies Ligon and his four children, on 21 April 2011, in Nantes, remains vague about the disappearance of the main suspect, the father and husband, Xavier Dupont Ligon.

for three years, the journalist Anne-Sophie Martin investigated, searched, and collected items on this case which continues to fascinate, to draw a book entitled The Disappeared, published the Ring editions. From the abundant writings of the key suspect, the author establishes a story in novel form and shape, authentic documents to support the frame of a perfectly orchestrated leak. One that is also general secretary of the Association of court press answered the questions of Europe 1.

Your book is based mainly on authentic written ( particular morbid email . Xavier Dupont Ligon two friends, a few months before the drama “up against the wall,” he writes: “a final decision to make: single or collective suicide”) and from which you have rebuilt a novelistic narrative. Why have done that?

I sheds light on how this idea was born, germinated in his mind. In this book, I put together all the texts Xavier Dupont Ligon was addressed to his wife, his two friends … Some documents – not all – were already known to insiders, but had never been interpreted this way. This is the reconciliation that I make these writings that draws the frame of a passage to the act: as if you had the announcement of the Committee made a few months of the crime. The correspondence between his writings and facts is striking. For example, in the last letter to his mistress, beginning April 2011, he wrote: “No one will find me.”

Why did you choose to tell this particular story, on which much has already been said?

I’ve been working on for several months Special Envoy, two years after the events in 2013. Since then, the idea always accompanied me, concerned. Above all, it never happens anything in this folder except false information, and I am convinced that the mysterious cases unresolved, could generate considerable interest, especially the latter, which covers full of . ‘exceptional aspects

first, the medium in which it happened: a Catholic bourgeois environment, notable province, although in every respect, where cases of family killings. The personality of the absent totally out of the way, is someone who was not even known to have a red light and finds himself suspected of committing a quintuple murder. And it leaves too many traces. Now all these traces have helped cover his tracks, it’s a pretty unique paradox. There is something totally elusive in this business for five and a half more we progressed, the less you know.

You surnommez Xavier Dupont Ligon “absent”, the “disappeared” … And at the end of the book, you offer him a new life abroad. What is your personal conviction?

This is not a perfect crime, because we found the bodies, which were however very well hidden. However, disappearance, it is perfect: five and a half after everyone still wonders if he is dead or is alive. His psychological construction leads me to think that this is not someone’s suicidal.


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