Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Burkini: Cazeneuve demand that the arrested are implemented in a measured way – Le Figaro

Following a meeting with President of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, the interior minister said Wednesday that anti-Burkini ordinances in some coastal communities should not lead to “stigmatization” or to draw the French “against each other”.

How to shut down a political and societal fire? The interior minister, in charge of worship, Bernard Cazeneuve, it is tried Wednesday afternoon by receiving urgently and at their request the responsible French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), led by their President Anwar Kbibech.

The CFCM officials seized Wednesday morning public authority

After a board meeting of the CFCM Tuesday its leaders seized Wednesday morning the public authority – which they immediately responded by setting this appointment – saying “shocked” for three reasons: the proliferation of municipal ordinances against the burkini, ensuring fact that a woman wear a simple sailing was verbalized on a beach in Cannes and the commotion caused by the diffusion of pictures of a woman in headscarf obliged to remove his coat that hid her swimsuit at the request of municipal officials on a beach in Nice.

Place Beauvau, just before seeing the minister Anwar Kbibech confided to Le Figaro : “The question of Burkini is not religious. Some women may choose the provocatively, but most have the modesty and many others, not at all. The debate is not religious, but it raises the question of freedoms. What the law says? It prohibits concealing the face. On the issue of Burkini, so we await the response of the State Council. He will tell the law and Muslims are law-abiding country. In the meantime, we just tell our great concern to the Minister and the emotion of Muslim citizens. Today is the Burkini that municipalities prohibit by decree, but what will it be tomorrow “

At the exit meeting with Bernard Cazeneuve, the president of the CFCM s’ said he was “completely reassured by the commitment of the Minister”, especially that is “respected the rule of law.” This should be such as to “appease” Muslims, assured Anwar Kbibech because “the Muslim community is attached in its entirety to the republican pact, the Republic, its values ​​and its laws.” Just as “the gender equality that is fundamental,” stated it in passing, calling for “tolerance to bolster living together, far from any provocation and stigma.”

Minister Interior, who spoke after the president of the CFCM, refused to comment on the behavior of municipal police causing controversy, “not knowing the sequence of what happened.” But about bylaws that bloom, he recalled that the laws governing secularism should be implemented in a “very rigorous” and that if “orders could be taken in case restricting freedom of disturbing public order, they had to be in a frame of strictly proportionate measures, without leading to stigmatization or antagonism French pushing against each other “.

the Minister also announced the holding of a important summit on 29 August between the Ministry and officials of Islam in France. It will aim to spend “declarations” to “acts and concrete measures” – including the “funding of Islam” and “the training of imams” – because “we need Muslims visible in the republican space to defend us the values ​​of the Republic. Muslims who say loud and clear their commitment to republican principles. “


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