Saturday, August 27, 2016

Shark attack in Boucan: hoisted the surfer – Clicanoo

Around 17 hours this afternoon, a surfer was snapped up by a shark on the spot Boucan Canot. Severely wounded in the right arm and foot, the victim, aged 21, has been medicalized locally.

Around 18 pm, the man from Pond-salted, was airlifted to CHU Felux Guyon Saint-Denis. His prognosis is engaged.

In a statement, the prefecture said that the accident occurred while boating and swimming are prohibited. Indeed, following an inspection this morning, the town decided that safety nets were non-operational due to a deterioration due to the swell occurred overnight. The red flag is hoisted on the sector, water activities are prohibited.

The post-attack procedure as provided in the device Reunion sharks risk management is enabled by the Prefect of Reunion. This device provides for the implementation of targeted fishing operations in the immediate vicinity of the site of the attack. As before the Regional Fisheries Committee, in charge of its implementation, is mobilizing vessels professional fishing, to implement capture devices, then take turns on the sector.

As a reminder the decree dated 12 February 2016 temporarily regulatory swimming and some water activities restricted in the band of 300 meters from the coast of the department of Reunion, except in the lagoon and outside the lagoon in developed areas and supervised areas defined by bylaw, the most at risk shark activities. Nets on Boucan-Canot beaches and Roches Noires (commune of Saint-Paul) in operational experimentation zones (ZONEX), supervised practice open spaces outside lagoon. However, the practice of swimming and water activities in these developed areas is possible only under the conditions and to slots made available to users by the municipal services on site. Indeed, the availability of nets, which can only be ensured permanently due to weather conditions the southern winter (waves), including conditions the effective opening of these ZONEX. Outside the conditions and slots specified by municipal services, especially with the type of area (flags, pennants, signs …), practice water sports is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

Following this tragedy, the Prefect of Reunion appeal to the responsibility of all and recalls that it is more imperative than ever to meet the current Prohibited



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