Saturday, August 27, 2016

François Fillon “unhappy” to see Marine Le Pen defend the rule of law instead of Nicolas Sarkozy – Europe1

Ah, the rule of law, good old system that guarantees the freedoms and rights of citizens! That’s good something essential to the smooth running of the Republic. Yet it is certain that, given the terrorist threat facing France, challenge this rule of law and seems to want, even if they do not pronounce the word, return to arbitrariness in force under the old regime. After all, Daech did not attack France when it could imprison suspects by the simple power of a lettre de cachet … So, coincidence?

François Fillon is one of those who elected LR have challenged the rule of law. In Le Monde this Saturday, August 27, the former prime minister, also a candidate for the primary to the right critique also those who have made this choice during the summer. He said:

This summer, I was embarrassed and unhappy to see Marine Le Pen defend the rule of law and afford to scold some officials my party on this subject . This speaks volumes about how some run after the FN to win elections .

In July after the dreadful attack in Nice, several members of LR have indeed denounced the provisions that they felt prevented effectively fight against terrorism. Eric Ciotti , Member of the Alpes-Maritimes and incidentally potential Interior Minister on return of Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee, took the floor to say this to a journalist: “If you had saw the bodies on the Promenade des Anglais, I think you would not ask me that question, them because he does speak over the rule of law, Ms. . “

During the debate in the national Assembly on the extension of the state of emergency, Laurent Wauquiez was arrested for his part Manuel Valls . “Your answer to you is which? European Convention on Human Rights. Please note that we will infringe their personal freedoms. Please note, we can not take custodial measures. Warning, this is not compatible with the Constitution. But change the law! . “

David Douillet , MP Yvelines, was meanwhile charged” a left [...] frozen in a posture by hiding behind this systematically sacrosanct Constitution “. “But we are here to change all that,” had he wanted to gargle

And do not forget Nicolas Sarkozy, former president -. And therefore former guarantor of the institutions – which aims to be again. After the attack in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray and murder of Jacques Hamel priest, he lambasted the “legal arguments” that hinder him as the fight against terrorism .

Conversely, Marine Le Pen had arisen in the guardian of the rule of law . “There is a thing to do, from the conquest [of the security of the French] in respect of the order, in compliance with laws in respect of the French Republic . We have all the means at our disposal to implement it, “she said on France 2

it is this opposition that made.” unfortunate “Fillon: LR elected that challenge because the rule of law when the president of the far-right party defends. Former Prime Minister does not want to spend a naive. “I did not discover the debate on the French identity. I, Philippe Séguin, defended the Republic against communalism, voted no to Maastricht, I was one of the first to demand a law against the veil school, “he said. He adds:

But this issue of identity should not be approached defensively, as if we doubted ourselves. It’s a way to agree with the EI . The real debate is the French sovereignty in a troubled world. I want a prosperous and independent France in economic, financial, international.



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