Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mélenchon: “I want the presidential referendum on the European treaties” – Le Monde

Jean-Luc Mélenchon presidential candidate  in 2017 in his local campaign in Paris on 22  August.

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  • About the presidential

” This will be an unprecedented election because society is deeply broken in the last five-year plans. His main political benchmarks have dissolved “ says Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “The attacks of the summer and safe delusions to which they gave rise have again shifted the center of gravity of morbid themes which nothing positive can come. But for me, the privileges of money are the cause of all our ills “, eplique MEP.

” The economic and political dogmas of Europe to German were all blocked. And proposes to continue! “, is one who protests launched” Europe, we change it or leaves! “. “Everyone knows that a new treaty is scheduled for 2017. So the choice of the next president is a choice on Europe. I want to make the presidential referendum on the European treaties “, he said.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon ensures not fear competition that could represent Arnaud Montebourg, his former comrade the Socialist Party, who announced his candidacy Sunday with proposals often close to those of the founder of the left Party. He told “glad” with the nomination of Mr. Montebourg. “arise when nominations Hamon, Montebourg, Duflot, Lienemann and Filoche, it expands the space for other topics. The first thing these candidates say is that Holland failed. (…) They work for me, “, says the MEP.

  • About Nicolas Sarkozy

as for the candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy to the primary of the right, the former candidate of the left Front judge unsurprisingly but fears that the themes dear to the former president – identity, security and authority – not monopolize the country

“recipe known. fear and security bidding. For the common people, the daily soup hatred of Muslims is served! Otherwise, Sarkozy, (…) it is a frightening social barbarism. “

All maintenance find here: Mélenchon:” I am stable and secure ballot “


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