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Islam: the rub with the secular Chevènement – Liberation

If the name was intended to create enthusiasm is missed. The confirmation by the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve on Monday in Cross , the appointment of Jean-Pierre Chevènement as President of the Foundation for Future of Islam in France continues to raise plural reactions. And delivery Monday morning on France Inter from that, according to a close, was a candidate for anything, is far from assured. They are certainly many, left and right, to let his experience and qualities of servant of the state, as his former colleague when he was in the Ministry of Interior (1997- 2000), Didier Leschi: “on the left, some individuals benefit from such an aura in the Arab-Muslim world. It has a great culture on Islam, including through the links it has long maintained with Islamic scholar Jacques Berque, one of the French translators of the Qur’an “, explained his former chief of the central office cults. Others are (much) less convinced. Because they are inadequate casting or judge harshly the first outputs of the “Che” main figure left of sovereignty secular republicanism trend.

Call for “discretion”

this summer, the green senator Esther Benbassa held that the choice of a politician “discredits in advance” the foundation, while the LR mayor of Tourcoing, Gerald Darmanin, but Sarkozy supporter of a concordat with Islam, noted that the appointment of a non-Muslim could appear as a “idea to say the least patronizing, almost colonial” . On France Inter on Monday Chevènement, “miracle of the Republic” since its eight-day coma in 1998, notably with a projection that particularly pointed socialist representatives of Seine-Saint-Denis, stating that ‘it accounted for “135 nationalities but has almost disappeared” , understood French nationality. Too for President PS Department Stephane Troussel, which asks Holland and Cazeneuve “to renounce his appointment” , denouncing its multiple “ confusions and blunders [...] on such important concepts that French nationality and citizenship. “ Mathieu Hanotin, MP for Seine-Saint-Denis, has launched an online petition to that effect, evoking racist about just . M’hammed Henniche, president of the Union of Muslim Associations of Seine-Saint-Denis, judge him that “Chevènement has carved” for the job: ” history has proved him right. Everyone remembers his resignation in 1991 when his opposition to the Iraq war. If the West had not created chaos in this country, we would not terrorism that we face today . “

If the former minister of 77 years s is especially attracted Monday taunts on social networks for launching “I know well the Muslim world, I went to Cairo, Algiers there are forty or fifty years” , c is that following his sentence was most often zapped ( “most women not wearing the veil. There is a trend that corresponds to what we must call the rise of fundamentalism religious. [...] All this, it translates something that is also reflected in our cities “) . Already in August, its call to the “discretion” about displaying their faith in public spaces had controversy. He reiterated and clarified, saying “The goal should be calming, non-stigmatization” and “everyone must make an effort” “I think it is my duty to say that a certain discretion is desirable.” this time taking a restrictive secularism confining religion to the private sphere has found it useful to add: “This board is for my mind to all religions under secularism.”

Freedom tone

on the question banning burkini, which divides up government, he pointed a “confusion” “there is talk of a secular problem where there is not really. The beach is a public space. All that the law is not forbidden is allowed, manners are free “, he has qualified first. Adding: “But there is a problem which is that of integration. All the successive waves of immigration have made an effort to coincide with the habits and customs of the host country. “ Now the Burkini ” aims to define a place of women subordinate to that of men in society. One can tolerate, but we can not approve “.

While the very choice of a Muslim personality to chair the foundation was questioned, it has since been hammered it would not intervene in religious matters (see cons below) “the foundation deals with the relationship between the Republic and the Muslims. take a large Republican in the head at the time of its inception, with its members many Muslims, has a symbolic dimension “, Cazeneuve said Monday. “It will take care of the cultural and academic aspects. This does not seem an obstacle that the president is not himself a Muslim “, says even Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the Union of Mosques of France (UMF).

Removed from politics despite a special representative status of the French economic diplomacy in Russia, Chevènement is far from a newcomer. Minister repeatedly (Defense, Education, Interior) and candidate for the 2002 presidential (5.33%), is known for his outspokenness and three times he has resigned from a government. The person concerned has also warned that he had not changed: “This mission is so much public interest that no official can avoid. I do not shirk me so unless my appointment would cause insoluble problems. “ After breakfast lunch with him Friday, President of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, Anwar Kbibech says Liberation “he assured us that once the foundation back on track, he would retire.” the “Che” also said to have “that blows to take “ in this ultimate adventure. On this point he was right.

Bernadette Sauvaget Jonathan Bouchet-Petersen


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