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Emmanuel Macron, the beginning of a long obstacle course – The World

 First meeting of Emmanuel Macron and movement  running !, La Mutalité in Paris on 12 July.

Macron how many divisions? Now that the minister of the economy has regained its freedom of action, the real trouble starts for him. If Emmanuel Macron wants to carry out his presidential business by April 2017, he will have to quickly reap the rallies
politicians and citizens. On July 12, during his meeting at the House of Mutuality in Paris forty parliamentary socialists made the trip, but just as much to see as to support the real. How many will now plunge, at the risk of excluding themselves from the PS and thwart their future

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So far, Mr Macron took care to nurture its relations with many members or socialist senators during his time at Bercy, but his political connections to Parliament remain scarce. Apart from deputies Arnaud Leroy (French Abroad), Richard Ferrand (Finistère) and Pascal Terrace (Ardèche), or the Mayor of Lyon Gerard Collomb, few socialists have taken a position in favor. “Macron has at the most under ten PS deputies, who all think Francois Hollande is carbonized to 2017 and who bet on him for the next” says a socialist leader.

Tuesday, August 30, the former economy minister sent several elected officials the same message before resigning. “I want to tell you personally I left the government. The time has come for me to continue and expand in all coherence and so soothed the momentum in recent months. (…) I would be very happy to work with you for the success of this project. In this important moment of political renewal, I am listening to you “, they did it in writing.

Macron has” left intoxicated by the media bubble “

within the government, its methods, often described as individualistic and oriented exclusively its own communication, earned him over the months many enmities. There is one year, the State Secretary for Relations with Parliament,
Jean-Marie Le Guen, had invited as guest star of the meeting of the current “reformers” . This September 2016, the operation has not been reissued. Although Mr Le Guen sharing with Mr Macron will gather all the “progressive” beyond the left-right divide, he has distanced himself, preferring to return to the political fold Manuel Valls. “Emmanuel is a political phenomenon. It is bright and unique, but it also has a childish and arrogant side that can make it imprudent “, estimated before summer Mr Le Guen, accusing Mr Macron have ” left intoxicated by the media bubble around him “.

if he wants to stand in the presidential election, thirty will have to successfully reap the 500 elected necessary sponsorship and mount a solid electoral machinery to campaign. “Macron will learn that in the old country called France, can not be elected president without strong political apparatus or important springs in the territories” , smiled a leader socialist. If his past investment banker brought him a personal fortune, his movement Running! not always assured him neither money nor sufficient militant troops. His entourage pretends not to worry about it and is optimistic. “With the announcement of the resignation was earned 2 000 members in two hours. The resignation will create a new wave. But no targets on the number of members or parliamentarians. It’s not because you posters 200 parliamentarians that the country will ignite for you. We, civil society it is for “, says his advisor Benjamin GRIVEAUX.

” A brave gamble, but dangerous “

L former head of Bercy table primarily on a crushing effect in the polls to win. In this sense, it is the same political calculation Arnaud Montebourg. A risky calculation as independent of his own will. “It’s a brave bet, but dangerous. He left to avoid the risk of trivializing or choking, but it takes another risk, that of a vacuum. Now we’ll see what he has in the belly “ says a ministerial adviser. “To do politics, you have to be a social category. But when it is the bankers and the French Tech, we do not do career “, tackle a member of the government

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Mr. Macron has as example the phenomenon Ségolène Royal, who had managed through a sudden mass popularity in the opinion to prevail in 2006 as the candidate of the PS despite the opposition of the party apparatus. “The members of Power Up! remind me of those called in 2006 the “ségogols”, these fans without political culture, only dazzled by their love for Royal “, near scoffs Manuel Valls. Except that at the time, and despite the late rally of the caciques of the PS, the Socialist candidate had failed to carry the political miracle to the end and had to losing to Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2007 presidential election .


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