Monday, August 29, 2016

In Paris: bunker, and reactionary to primary Cambadélis – Liberation

Of course, it changes from La Rochelle. This year, the Socialists do not make their comeback in sunny Charente-Maritime. They had planned to move to Nantes but – officially – for “security reasons”, they canceled. Then their boss, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, chose to raise its “cadres” in Paris – “the grumblers,” the first secretary behind the scenes – for two days of seminars in an air conditioned room of the Maison de la Chimie. It is cooler, calmer. Less militant. More studious too. It also gives a particularly strange impression of PS bunkerisé to eight months of the first round of presidential elections

On the eve of a re-entry meeting with several members of the Government. – Manuel Valls including – on the issue of “Republic” Cambadélis a first target: Nicolas Sarkozy. It “decided to conduct an unprecedented offensive since World War II against the values ​​of the Republic, attack the first secretary of the PS. He decided to transform the primary right of a referendum for or against Islam , he said. This project is frightening. It is a challenge to our republican pact. “ For Cambadélis, former president puts on the table ” a true reactionary program, “” authoritarian recentralisation around the State “, a ” terrible and incredible confusion proximity to the FN “.

in fact this is delighted to finally have an opponent on the ring of François Holland. “The delimitation is now easy to do, welcomes Cambadélis. Nicolas Sarkozy took the straight right but revealed the true nature of it. We are no longer in all against the Socialists but in choosing between the Socialists and the reactionary pact. “ If he gives it a clean bill of its refusal to legislate on the veil at the beach, the boss PS believes that Alain Juppé is not better and it is positioned less right by mere “tactical”.


So Cambadélis urge to defend his the government’s record: falling unemployment, the deficit of social Security … “the battle on the balance sheet, this is not the kudos for socialists is to hope for french “, he says, before noting that ” the challenge “ of the presidential will be ” defend [...] the values ​​of the republic are in danger “. After the controversy over anti-burkini arrested and the cacophony at the heart of government, the risk is still there for socialists to suffer the debates on issues of identity imposed by the opposite camp .

as for the question of the primary still fixed on 22 and 29 January, Cambadélis wants to make a “how to overcome (the) fragmentation” from the left. But also time as expected by some of the “clarification”. “We can not say that there is a danger in our republic and also multiply applications” , he warned before to warn those who want to “ignore the presidential on the legislative “. And to those who – as Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon – cast doubt on the “loyal” of this primary. It provides: “ These primary must be fair, transparent and allow the final gathering” . Montebourg has said he could not support Hollande if he won. “Believe me everyone will be in the primary, prognostic Cambadélis. This is not 200 more or less polling stations that will appeal to the public and say that leaves the primary process “. He ends by saying that he believes the Socialists are “100% Republican,” European 100%, 100% and 100% environmental progressive “. End of speech. Or Marseillaise or Ciao Bella as was tradition in La Rochelle. Only a “welcome back!” Launched by the first secretary in the aisle.

Lilian Alemagna


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