Monday, August 29, 2016

Manuel Valls: Sarkozy is a major threat – Le Figaro

On the sidelines of the majority of reentry meeting in Colomiers, Manuel Valls fired on the former president and called the left to the “responsibility”.

Manuel Valls criticized on Monday the” considerable threat “posed by her former president Nicolas Sarkozy, who” impose “its agenda to the right and who” sits on major principles of the Constitution. ” When the majority of reentry meeting in Colomiers, near Toulouse, he also warned the left to “outbid dividers” and said refuse to leave France “into the hands of populists and demagogues” during the presidential . 2017

“as always, Nicolas Sarkozy pushes open doors!” protested Manuel Valls, listing “yes, debt is a problem, yes, taxes are down, yes, we need the businesses more competitive, yes, there are the unemployed … “. “But then, why did he do nothing?” He asked, assuring that “effective solutions, fair, modern, it is the left that put them out.” About the candidate for the primary to the right, he regretted that it is “still the ‘everything for the rich’: tax cuts for them, heritage transmission, removal of the ISF …”

“More importantly,” he continued, “when one has been head of state, when one aspires to become, we do not question too violently the rule of law, we not advocating the arbitrary, we do not sit (…) on the main principles of our Constitution. ” While the controversy over the Burkini held very opaque bath worn by some Muslim, has not extinguished, the Prime Minister was responding to the request of Nicolas Sarkozy to legislate to ban it. “Towards where Nicolas Sarkozy is he ready to win to take the country?”, Asked the prime minister, accusing him of “imposing any right its agenda, its themes and its drift.” “It is a considerable threat” because, he continued, “it takes a terrible responsibility by giving substance to this reactionary bloc, this joint program between the hard right and the extreme right.”

on its website, the spokesperson of the All for France, Eric Ciotti, denounced in the evening the “slippage” of Manuel Valls. “I want to condemn this attitude particularly unworthy of the prime minister, who, isolated and marginalized within his political family, rejected by the French, hides behind pitiful attacks against Nicolas Sarkozy. The excessive and insult can be the lifeline of a left open shipwreck, the country’s situation is too serious to reduce the policy debate at that level, “thus wrote the USG Republicans.

For the deputy RS, Sébastien Huyghe, “the real threat to France would be that Manuel Valls to continue to let them destroy our country by his incompetence.” On Twitter, the deputy denounced the attitude of the Government and the Prime Minister who “have nothing else to do than insult Nicolas Sarkozy.”

“If we start divided we will lose fail “

But Manuel Valls did not spare his left, whether within or outside of the PS in this speech more than half an hour . Lambasting the “dividers upmanship,” “project-cons”, “critical”, “the sometimes intolerable outrageous attacks,” he said that “if we start divided, we will lose for sure.” “I refuse this little music that is that the left is lost in the exercise of power (…) Our left is the one that takes in the greatest difficulty to assume power,” he explained, quoting Blum, François Mitterrand, Lionel Jospin and Hollande.

Believing that “anti-sarkozysme can not, alone, hold program place”, he called his troops to “reconcile the left with the French.” While stating that “reconciliation, not apologize.” “Never, under the Fifth Republic, a presidential election will have been as large, complex and perilous, for the left, but first for France,” he summed up.

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