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Sarkozy promises to “sweep” the dividers – Liberation

From his fans gathered Saturday in Le Touquet (Pas-de-Calais), Nicolas Sarkozy found that he was looking for: an unshakable confidence and sincere indifference to many surveys that suggest its been ringing would not not had the desired effect. The same morning a poll Odoxa for Le Parisien showed that two-thirds of French, Sarkozy had missed his campaign entry. Worse, the survey still gives Juppe 10 point lead in the first and 20 points in the second round of the primary

“Polls? We we are others. The campaign is just beginning, “ LR activist Valerie scans. With hundreds of other activists, she was invited to the book signing of the last book of the candidate, Everything for the France , before hearing his speech the night in a gymnasium that heat wave has turned into boiling pot. Coming from Dieppe she made more than two hours away for his second signature. There are six months she was already mounted Lille to get autograph France for Life

“A step up”

From these fans able to wait two hours in sweltering heat for a signature, the former head of state is reassured. If all these investigations are slow to measure the effects of its official entry in campaign after his strong words this summer on terrorism and communalism is that the mobilization of the people behind Sarkozy has just begun. This people, largely attracted by Marine Le Pen, the former head of state decided to speak to him in strongholds FN: he began Thursday in the Bouches-du-Rhône, in Châteaurenard, he connects with the Pas de-Calais this weekend.

in the Sarkozy crowd, it obviously does not hear the mayor of Bordeaux who made his return on the same Saturday in Chatou (Yvelines). “Too left, not nervous enough,” s prevails Robert shopping in Calais. He explains that he has had enough of migrants that revolve around his house, that wake the night: “They are 10,000, they block the highway at night. It is to end, it’s going to blow. “ And let no one be observed between 2002 and 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy made no miracles when he was faced with the problem of Calais. “when he signed the agreement of Le Touquet 2003, Sarkozy is that Interior Minister boss was the Prime Minister Raffarin was” Valérie protests. She too is “edgy”: “I got spit on by a fundamentalist who thought that my skirt was too short”

in his speech, Nicolas Sarkozy will not hesitate to ask that France denounces immediately the 2003 agreement as Xavier Bertrand, President of the LR region Hauts-de-France, it requires that applications for asylum are now processed across the Channel to the English “organize charters to send home people they do not want” .

“tsetse fly”

If they want to hear that their champion has not always been an indisputable efficiency, supporters of the former head of the state gladly put to the account of the “softness” of those who ruled with him and fight today in the primary. in front of 2000 people came to hear in the evening, Sarkozy has also been particularly virulent against his former ministers. posing as guarantor of “the family unity “, it implicitly passed its competitors for ” dividers “ ” Those who divide will be swept away “ he promised , the cheers of the crowd.

once again, the candidate for long celebrated its unifying balance at the head of a party torn by hatred and personal ambitions. Passing naturally mention the Bygmalion case that precipitated his return in the summer of 2014, he made fun of François Fillon and Jean-Francois Cope, “bitten by the tsetse fly in the division” in 2012. He mocked the inefficiency and lack of authority of the triumvirate Juppé-Fillon-Raffarin, who served as interim head of the UMP June to November, 2014.

the candidate Sarkozy wants to prove he is not playing in the same league as its competitors. This is what he says to length of speeches to crowds already archi-convinced. “Politics is not a review, it’s a competition. If you get into the competition when there is a Teddy Riner in front, you’re dead “ says Mayor Gérald Darmanin Tourcoing, recently agreed with the former head of state. Eloquent illustration of the unwavering faith sarkozystes.

Alain Auffray special envoy to Touquet


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