Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Milk: the lawsuits continue, before a meeting with Lactalis – Le Figaro

On Tuesday, negotiations resumed between Lactalis and dairy farmers so that they multiply the obstacles in front of Lactalis sites and supermarkets.

at the call of the FNSEA agricultural union first, dairy farmers continue Tuesday shares commenced Monday evening in front of Lactalis sites and in supermarkets to increase the pressure on the dairy giant. “All regions are mobilized,” with a couple of sites targeted since Monday night throughout France and the movement will only stop when discussions with Lactalis result in an agreement, said the general secretary of the FNSEA Dominique Barrau.

In this context, the two sides resumed talks early this morning at the prefecture of Mayenne in Laval, to find a solution to their conflict over the price of milk. After two failures Thur and Friday, this third meeting was attended by three representatives of Lactalis whose spokesman dairy giant, Michel Nalet, five representatives of producers whose Sébastien Amand, the Organisation for VP producers Normandy Centre, Jean-Michel Yvard the great West and the prefect of Mayenne Frederic Veaux.

Calm but determined, producers multiplied in the evening protest, such as the “action punch “conducted in Cantal, in Riom-es-Montagnes where forty farmers dumped manure to prevent the output of goods vehicles with a factory Lactalis. “We will not stay very long, the idea is to create a climate of guerrilla warfare with Lactalis,” said Joel Piganiol, general secretary of the FDSEA of Cantal.

Some twenty other farmers conducted a similar operation in Condat, still in the Cantal FDSEA when asked supermarkets to remove from their shelves the Lactalis products, promising “controls” in midweek. In the Maine-et-Loire, about 80 farmers have blocked access to the site Lactalis of Saint-Florent-le-Vieil with tractors and unfurled banners proclaiming “thief Lactalis” and “No more work for nothing” .

Producers of five departments in the region Pays de la Loire have planned to stay “until Wednesday,” said the president of the FRSEA Pays de la Loire, Jean-Paul Goutines. In the Channel, the FDSEA and JA activists blocked the Lactalis site Sainte-Cécile, before the “filtering”, slowing the passage of heavy vehicles after the visit of a bailiff, explained Jean-Michel Hamel, Secretary General FDSEA Channel. “We put before symbolically straw entry to show that they put us on the straw (…) There is the risk that all the French dairy industry disappear,” said Serge Capron, President of Producers milk Pas-de-Calais.

in the Haute-Saône, some 120 tons of manure were applied to the inputs of the site Lactalis Loulans-Verchamp, damaging the internal circuitry of the milk route, said Alexandre Lacroix, deputy director of the FDSEA of Haute-Saône. Thirty farmers took part in this action “in peace”, according to the prefecture. “Lactalis tomorrow returns to the negotiating table, it is a first step,” says Alexandre Lacroix, saying wait a “second step: a fair milk price, that is to say 340 euros 1,000 liters in Upper Saône “against some” 250 euros “today.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll was again deemed” not acceptable “that Lactalis is now” paying the liter of milk at the cheapest producer of all dairies in France “, but stressed not have direct leverage over the industry. In France, a producer Lactalis five works for 20% of the French collection, or 5 billion liters of milk over 25 billion products annually in France. The company sells such brands Lactel, Bridel, President, Lanquetot and Roquefort Company.


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