Saturday, August 27, 2016

Le Touquet, Nicolas Sarkozy poses as unifier – Le Figaro

The former President was campaigning in Touquet on Saturday. He intends to “preserve the unity of the family.” “There will be no victory if not,” he says.

From our special correspondent in Le Touquet

So Alain Juppe had made his political comeback a few hours earlier preceded by Jean-Pierre Raffarin offensive at the podium in Chatou, many expected to hear Nicolas Sarkozy respond. The candidate has clearly been careful not to go “into the fray soundbites,” says his entourage, “we remain on the bottom, about ideas.” For Nicolas Sarkozy, the main opponent is not in his political family, he insists, but to the left and the National Front. For him, if the primary is a new year right, it should not turn to boxing or the quarrel between people, a fear shared by many activists in the room. “The right has no right to tear,” insists Nicolas Sarkozy at the podium in the sweltering heat and before almost 2000 people. “Preserving the unity of the family, this is not an option it is a necessity. There will be no victory if not because once the last primary we will need everyone. ” While several elected officials came to attend this second campaign rally – Gerald Darmanin, Eric Ciotti, Guillaume Larrivé, Alain Joyandet, etc. – Nicolas Sarkozy is convinced that “those who divide will be swept away! I will not have a word against a family member. It is useless, it destabilizes our electorate “

” policy. Follow us back this weekend (very) loaded

One way to refer to history recent party when François Fillon and Jean-Francois Cope clashed for the UMP head in 2012 and CONARE and Cocoe had to get involved. “What we had patiently built with Jacques Chirac, the alliance of the right and center, literally shattered,” says Nicolas Sarkozy by scratching several politicians, candidates like him. “It was shame, activists were ashamed. more election we did was because it ended up in court. ” After Copé and Fillon, it is the turn of Alain Juppé and Jean-François Raffarin also to be targeted. “It is in these conditions that we have a provisional leadership (note, Alain Juppé, Jean-Pierre Raffarin Francois Fillon) that was hard work from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning.”

Past this reminder, Nicolas Sarkozy held his program and proposals of his book Everything for France , convinced as he put on the table this first campaign week will be even more necessary “that the quarrel people “to differentiate. It recalls that it is especially for lower taxes in 2017 or that he defends “national identity. Some see happy, “he smiled in a second reference to Alain Juppe,” others like me with a more realistic look, unfortunately. ”

There is no possible reasonable accommodation with political Islam and radical

After the suspension anti-burkini stop Villeneuve-Loubet not the Council of State, Nicolas Sarkozy is above income: “the burkini is a provocation. the secular republic resistance is tested. If the Republic is firm, it will stop. Naturally, one can not have the prohibited Burkini on a beach, allowed on the beach next door. We do not want law regression of women. ” In this context, Nicolas Sarkozy reiterated his wish for a law to ban any “external sign of belonging to religion in our country.” “Do not let the only mayors face this problem, do not let entrepreneurs face this problem.” And he urged not to confuse, he explained that what “asked her problem was political and radical Islam.” “I want to be a Jew in France without fear, we can be a priest of the Catholic Church in France without fear. Political Islam and radical hate Jews, priests, homosexuals, women, youth. There is no possible reasonable accommodation with political Islam and radical. ” Wide applause then rang in the room.

But especially in this second campaign rally, Nicolas Sarkozy poses as “spokespersons of the people of France.” He intends to speak for those who are “the silent majority” against the “tyranny of minorities”. “I mean the life you live, not the one we would like to believe that it is yours.”

Convinced that he will win the primary, Nicolas Sarkozy ended the speech forty minutes more determined than ever: “We will win because we are the people of France. Here at Le Touquet began the long walk that will take us in May 2017 to win for France “


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