Monday, August 29, 2016

Vallaud-Belkacem attacks the candidates from the primary right – Le Point

Before the school year and the implementation of the reform of the college and the new programs, the Education Minister has assailed Monday “fantasies” and “rantings” and target the right to eight months of the presidential election. Thursday’s return, which will cover 12.4 million students and 860,000 teachers will be that “the reality and not fantasy,” “far fanciful rantings which too often polluted public debate,” said Najat Vallaud -Belkacem during his traditional press conference pre-school year.

“the reform of the college is not the announced Apocalypse, the Earth is not going to split in two next Thursday, and continue to teach Latin and Greek, “she began. Similarly, “spelling has not been reformed” and “German has not disappeared,” she added, listing the heated debate related to his reforms. She predicted a comeback “appeased” despite the strike call launched by several trade unions on September 8.

“Some want a school on the cheap”

very offensive, the minister – who has denied wanting to run for the Socialist primary, as some have recently lend intention – attacked strongly in the backward-looking vision conveyed school, according to her, by candidates for the primary from the right. “Some want a school discount, fewer teachers and fewer means,” she started alluding to Nicolas Sarkozy in particular advertisements. “What appears in this vision is the distorted reflection in the mirror of a maladjusted world of yesterday, injustice and indecency, as some would rehabilitate,” she accused.

in response to the weariness of many teachers face in the round of reforms, she admits that “the changes were many,” but feels they are “necessary”. Because the French school system, “if it ensures the selection of the best, hard to ensure the promotion of all.” This is what point every three years the Pisa study results, comparing the education systems of OECD countries: the French students have honorable scores, but the college including increased educational inequalities and France unable to “catch up” its weakest students. Evoking the next Pisa study expected in December, she recalled that the effects of reforms in education took years to be seen.

New programs

The results of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and its predecessors since 2012, Vincent Peillon and Benoît Hamon, will be scrutinized even more in the coming months that education was identified as a priority of Francois Hollande. The question is whether the reform of the college will have time to settle, since right several candidates have promised to repeal it. “This is another brand, if we had any doubt, the lack of seriousness with which they treat education,” said the minister.

The main novelties of this autumn include the setting simultaneous implementation of new programs, the CP in 3rd. They replace those designed in 2008, too heavy according to teachers. The reform of the college introduced interdisciplinarity (the teaching of several disciplines in the same way). Already practiced by some teachers, it allows, in a part of the educational community, to give more meaning to learning. But critics see it as a weakening of disciplines, traditional pillars of the French school system.


The reform ahead of a year teaching the second foreign language in 5th , removes part of bilangues classes (two foreign languages ​​from 6th) and Latin and Greek options, followed by less than 20% of Grade 5 in September 2015. This school year, the introduction to the languages ​​and cultures of antiquity followed by 70% of pupils of 5th and 20% are registered to complement the ancient languages ​​of education, the ministry said.

Finally, while France was hit by a series of attacks for a year and a half, the government last week presented measures to strengthen the security of schools listed among the targets of the jihadist group Islamic State (EI).


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