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But who are those who walk with Macron? – The Obs

Emmanuel Macron, who resigned Tuesday from the Ministry of Economics to pursue his movement “in March!” has not announced his candidacy for president in 2017. This, however, surprise anyone: the question is not “he will be a candidate?” but “when will he say?”. But on which the young technocrat may have? For now, the network needs to expand if the personalities of the economic world have trusted his political supporters are still few

Forty parliamentary …

. politically, Emmanuel Macron is certainly not completely isolated, but its clearly displayed supporters are not legion.

Gérard Collomb is the most openly pro-Macron. Senator Mayor of Lyon PS has said the founder of the movement “in March!” could rely on him. Invited on the set of BFMTV Wednesday, he raved about his protégé, he already sees the Elysee:

“Emmanuel Macron wants to shake things up, we will not s ‘bored if he becomes president. it’s going to move. “

he added that” among all the candidates, “Emmanuel Macron is” the only one to talk about the future, “not have an address “1980.”

in the Senate still, the former Foreign Trade Minister Nicole Bricq, or Socialist Francois Patriat (who resigned Macron is “a gesture of loyalty to respect of the head of State “) support the former tenant of Bercy.

what are also in the national Assembly socialist Richard Ferrand (MP Finistère, rapporteur of the law Macron) and Pascal Terrace (member of the Ardèche, which prevents all the same it does not intend to leave the PS), adherents to “Walk in”. also supports, deputies Arnaud Leroy (5th district of French nationals abroad), Olivier Veran (Isère) and Corinne Erhel (Côtes d’Armor).

Europe 1 reports that Emmanuel Macron in search downforce, commissioned a team of “walking the halls of the Senate and the Assembly to rally parliamentarians” to his cause. According to Francois Patriat, they would now 40 deputies and senators, “former rocardiens, the Strauss-kahniens” but also elected “from the Aubry camp.”

In addition, the President of ‘Jean-Christophe Lagarde UDI says in an interview with “Paris” will not be against dialogue with Macron:

“Macron, like us, wants a political recomposition is at center left us in the middle. right, we intended to tell us “

support for the presidency is not excluded”. It can be worn by a UDI candidate by his or other “<. /p>

…mais especially bosses

the mainstays of Macron evolve primarily in the economic sphere, rather than political. From the time he was an investment banker and then as Minister, Emmanuel Macron has many links with the world of big business.

In her entourage included the likes Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, vice -President of MEDEF, Bernard Spitz, head of the Federation of Insurance, Claude Bébéar, founder of AXA, or Marc Simoncini, Meetic founder and Sensee. It is the latter which, as told Europe 1, organizes dinners for Macron bringing together start-up patterns, researchers, etc.

Marc Simoncini has also welcomed the announcement of the resignation of the Minister to RTL:

“This departure was inevitable personally, for me it was desired things are much clearer now… Emmanuel Macron is outside the government, that is a free man. “

Around Macron gravitate as Peter Brabeck, chairman of the Board of Nestlé, and Pierre Pringuet, Vice-Chairman of Directors of Pernod Ricard and Chairman of AFEP (French Association of private companies): “Some say ‘Macron, fed up!’ We are told ‘Macron, again!’.”, confided it to “Liberation “in March.

Another man weight business in the ranks of pro-Macron, Henry Hermand. This boss who made his fortune in the retail sector contributor think tanks such as Terra Nova, former support of Pierre Mendes France and Michel Rocard, has long known Macron, was even witness to his marriage, and appears as a sort of mentor:

it never made a major decision without talking to me,” he pointed to the “World” in November 2015 <. span>

“En Marche” : 60,000 adherents

This support be enough to ensure victory Emmanuel Macron? So far, the former minister of 38 years has never known the test of elections.

The weight of his electoral base is very uncertain. Macron has certainly a youth movement behind him, “Young with Macron,” which claims to have 15,000 supporters on social networks. It has, indeed, a rating of popularity of some dream. Note also that Emmanuel Macron is more appreciated right and left, as recalled in “The World”: according to a survey of Elabe for “ Les Echos , it collects in fact 53% of positive image among supporters of right, against 40% among supporters of the left, and ranks fifth favorite of the first personalities, but only eleventh for the latter.

Meanwhile, “Walk On!” caught on. In May, the movement announced it had 50,000 members. Today it would count 60,000 and brushing the Socialist Party, which have between 60,000 and 80,000 against 200,000 claimed by Republicans. However, these figures are declarative, and nothing proves them!

As for the budget, only 500,000 euros were raised by the team of Macron, against 22 million budget official for Hollande and Sarkozy in 2012.

in any case, the question is whether the popularity of Macron will translate at the polls by many ballots, and if his supporters succeed in rallying other activists. The former minister may be “free” now, but he still has much to do before embarking on the race for the Elysée.

Richard Duclos


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